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Thank you for visiting our website regarding everything about tattoos. When we first got our first tattoos we noticed there is very little reliable information available on the internet. So we decided to start this website to go in-depth about everything there is to know!

Our main goal is to simply demonstrate advanced topics as simple as possible so that everyone finds what they’re searching for right away, while we do cover each topic in detail as well.

What we do

Freshbodycoupons.com is a blog covering the tattoo industry and similar niches. Our writers put together high-quality guides based on solid research and long experience in the tattoo scene. Everything from informative guides, product reviews to tips, and tricks to make your experience more enjoyable.

We also take a look at popular tattoo designs and inspiration for your next piece of art.

The Team

We’re currently looking for more people on our team, essentially writers with experience in the tattoo industry. Do you think that is something for you? Please contact us and we get back to you!

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Amanda Johnson

Amanda is a tattoo expert with over eight years of working at a tattoo shop. She is a tattoo artist and piercer. Working at a tattoo shop is regulated by Health Department requirements, which have you to go through a minimum of 6 months’ apprenticeship. She feels the most important approach when getting tattooed for the first time, is scheduling a consultation appointment with the tattoo artist. Apart from working with tattoos, Amanda loves to travel and explore the world which also gives her inspiration in her job, with interesting influences from other cultures.