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The Best Tattoo Chairs For Tattoo Artists and Clients in 2023

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Look at our choice of the best tattoo chairs and client beds, and level up your tattoo salon or working space. This is essential to every tattoo artist, a must-have.

One of the most important things during a tattoo session is comfort. And we mean comfort goes both ways, for you, as well as the customer. You will both spend hours sitting on the chairs, or specialized beds, and they have to provide ultimate comfort and ergonomic support.

Without proper sitting or laying down the comfort, can you both last enough to finish a tattoo? And, how to choose the best quality comfort for this?

It is difficult to choose, and it is a bigger investment than other tattoo equipment parts, so we understand if you are extra-cautious and indecisive. Let us show you the most trustworthy tattoo artist chair, client chair & bed reviews we summarized today. You will make the right investment and a fast decision with our help and reviews! Let’s begin.

Our Tattoo Chair Pick


tattoo chair
  • 3 sizes
  • No powder
  • Resistant to punctures

Runner Up


good chair for tattoo artist
  • 3 sizes
  • Latex material
  • No rip/tear easily

Our Client Bed Pick


best tattoo client bed
  • Nitrile material
  • Ambidextrous
  • Puncture-resistant

These were our top 3 picks as the most solid tattoo chairs, client chairs, and tattoo beds we found on the market. They are slightly different when it comes to what is included in the offer, so hopefully, you will choose the best within your budget, and upgrade your tattoo salon!

Why Do You Need an Ergonomic Tattoo Chairs

You need tattoo chairs and beds to start the tattooing business the right way. Of course, a good expert can do a tattoo even in different conditions, but it will not be practical, or comfortable, both for you and the customer. Almost all tattoos require some sort of special sitting or laying down, so for this you need to have a tattoo bed or client chair. And for your comfort during the session, you need a special tattoo chair or artist chair.

These tattoo chairs and beds are for every tattoo artist, regardless if he tattoos in a salon, at home, or another location. Also, such chairs and beds are common equipment in beauty salons and certain medical offices.

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The Best Tattoo Chairs For Tattoo Artists and Clients in 2022

tattoo artist on chair

1. Antlu Saddle Stool Chair

Our Tattoo Chair Pick

Antlu Saddle Stool Chair

You can pick this tattoo chair if you put great importance on your spine and back, but also if you always want to change and adjust height features. You will easily assemble it, move it around, even great pressure on it won’t damage it!

We begin with the Antlu brand, as our tattoo chair pick. This chair is a saddle design with a rolling part and offers amazing ergonomic comfort with its backrest part too. Your spine will no longer suffer from long hours of work, and the backpressure will disappear over time. The backrest is in a fixed position to support the back perfectly.

Both the wheels and the cushion parts rotate smoothly to move around the premises easily. You can also adjust its height, between 21-29 inches, and it can be even 4 inches taller than other chairs. It offers an amazing weight capacity of 400 pounds, and you’ll assemble it in less than 10 minutes!

Package dimensions are 23.5 x 23.5 x 11.5 inches, with a total weight of 18.96 pounds.


  • Saddle design
  • Ergonomic
  • Good backrest
  • Smooth rotating of parts
  • Adjustable height
  • Good weight capacity
  • Easy to assemble


  • You might feel a bit strange until you adjust to its ergonomic design

2. Amolife Multi-Purpose Hydraulic Chair

Runner Up

Amolife Multi-Purpose Hydraulic Chair

This is your most loyal tattoo chair pick if you adore minimalistic designs with an elegant Scandi-look! Not just this, but it will be perfect for you if you work in a small tattoo salon, and you need a practical chair to move easily.

The second place is our runner up tattoo chair pick, from the brand Amolife. This chair is adjustable and hydraulic too. It has a nice and smooth rolling of the wheels, and the padding is comfortable and very soft. The base is thick and secure, as per a Scandinavian design for minimalistic style spaces. You can easily adjust the height, and assemble the whole chair in just minutes. The look is elegant faux leather in black color.

Package dimensions are 24 x 24 x 22.8 inches, with a total weight of 12.48 pounds. Read also: Best Lamps for Tattooing


  • Hydraulic
  • Adjustable
  • Nice rolling
  • Comfortable padding
  • Scandinavian (minimalistic) design
  • Thick and secure
  • Elegant leather look


  • Ensure proper communication before the shipping, to avoid missing parts in the order
  • You will maybe need to adjust to your spine to sit upright like this over time

3. Inkbed Client Bed

Our Client Bed Pick

Inkbed Client Bed

This is the best tattoo chair for your client if you value their comfort and your accessibility to the client above all. If you decide to invest in this, it will pay off big time – your client will be comfy for long hours, and you will create a practical setting for all.

Our third place is our most reliable tattoo client bed pick, the InkBed brand. This bed is superb and offers so much! For example, its prominent feature is a built-in USB part with 3 sockets included. Also, the armrest and leg rest parts are super easy to adjust. The design is practical with these armrests and leg rests separate, yet attached to the bed.

You will have good access to the client’s limbs, and the client can enjoy the great comfort of the whole body. The backrest is a ‘cobra style’ where you can remove the headrest parts or combine parts. Every part offers good tilting and adjusting, removing, and adding. The material is a nice dense foam, padded to perfection.

Package dimensions are: seat 21 x 15 inches, flattened length 69 to 83.5 inches, armrest 14.5 x 5.5. Inches, headrest 7 inches, leg rest 7.5 inches, height 24.5-33 inches.


  • USB socket
  • Easy to adjust all parts
  • Practical design
  • Good access to all parts
  • Cobra style adjusting of parts
  • Tilting
  • Foam, dense padding


  • It could be a bit pricey for some

4. KKTONER Round Rolling Stool Chair

KKTONER Round Rolling Stool Chair

Pick this tattoo chair if you like the minimalist, less-occupying stools for your tattoo shop. It looks elegant enough and you can freely sit on it due to its good weight capacity and great hydraulics lift effect.

Our fourth pick is the KKTONER brand and their minimalistic stool style tattoo chair. This one is made of nice PU leather and comes in elegant, black color. You will easily adjust its features like the height. The weight capacity is stunning for such a minimalistic chair – 300 pounds. There is a 360 swivel, and adjustable seat too. The hydraulics has a lift of 26 inches. With all parts, you’ll assemble it easily in a few minutes.

Package dimensions are 16.7 x 16.5 x 7.4 inches, with a total weight of 9.85 pounds.


  • Minimalistic style
  • PU leather
  • Elegant look
  • Easy to adjust its features
  • Good weight capacity
  • Hydraulics of 26 inches lift
  • 360 swivel
  • Fast to assemble


  • The cushion is bending due to softness (saddle effect)
  • The wheels need to be more ‘mobile’ on the floor

5. LCL Package – Tattoo Bed, Artist Chair, and Portable Tray

LCL Package

Pick this tattoo chair if you like to get more than just that! With this offer, you get a chair for you, a tattoo bed for the client, and a tray for your small equipment things. It is a durable quality to last you for years. Overall a nice, complete offer.

Number 5 seems interesting and like a great offer that it is! You won’t just get a chair and bet, but also a tray for all the small tattooing equipment parts or similar. The base is of welded steel, secure and sturdy, long-lasting for years. The armrests are removable and easy to adjust.

You can also remove the pillow with ease. If you have tall clients, you can extend the headrest by 6 inches. The padding is a dense foam, comfortably soft. Plus, with the portable tray, you can have more inks and equipment near you at all times!

Package dimensions are 72-78 with extended headrest, 24 and ½ with extended armrests, foam thickness 4 inches, swivel tilt height 27.5-44 inches.


  • Nice offer of chair, bed, and tray
  • Welded steel base
  • Armrests easy to adjust/remove
  • Pillow removable/adjustable
  • The headrest can be extended
  • Dense foam padding


  • The directions for assembling could be a bit confusing

6. BeautyWorld Leather bed Chair

BeautyWorld Leather bed Chair

Pick this tattoo chair if you like a nice elegant leather chair that you won’t need to repair or clean with special methods. And, if you need to constantly adjust parts, this one offers that practicality too.

As sixth, we single out the BeautyWorld brand and their tattoo chair-bed. The structure and overall design of this bed are practical, spacious, and comfortable too. Made of premium leather, it is lasting quality and requires minimal maintenance of cleaning.

The construction is secure and sturdy from durable steel. This chair-bed of one piece is very stable and adjustable. The armrest can be removed, and the leg rest with the headrest can be adjusted. The backrest can be adjusted by 90 to 180 degrees and the leg rest from 45 to 180 degrees.

Package dimensions are 40 x 24 x 13 inches, with a total weight of 70 pounds.


  • Leather
  • Practical design
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Durable steel
  • Sturdy and secure
  • Adjustable parts


  • The screws need more attention to be fitted perfectly

7. Artist Hand Hydraulic Chair

Artist Hand Hydraulic Chair

If you are a fan of barbershop design chairs, but with the purpose of tattooing, this is your best pick for a tattoo chair. It offers a nice footrest part, and the hydraulics are great. Offer your customers a practical and classic chair look and comfort.

The Artist Hand is our seventh brand pick, with their specific-looking reclining chair design. This tattoo chair is hydraulic, so it offers good lift and comfort. It is made of nice, shiny PVC leather, and a sturdy and durable steel base. The swiveling is superb 360 degrees, and the hydraulic pump works like a charm! Also, in the front, there is a footrest as well. You will assemble it relatively fast as well.

Package dimensions are 24.42 x 22.44 x 16.54 inches, with a total weight of 69 pounds. Seat 19 x 18 inches, back part 18 x 16 inches, headrest 7 x 4 inches, loading capacity 330 pounds.


  • Hydraulic
  • Steel base
  • PVC leather
  • Good swiveling 360
  • Footrest
  • Fast assembling


  • Ensure proper including of all screws and parts with the seller before the shipping
  • Assembling instructions need more details

8. InkBed Adjustable Chair Stool

InkBed Adjustable Chair Stool

This is your perfect pick if you like to have a lot of versatility when it comes to adjusting or removing parts. This tattoo chair offers amazing 15 angles for the armrest parts and additional adjustments for the other parts. Your customers will enjoy super-comfy tattoo sessions this way.

Again, we have InkBed on our list, this time with a similar, yet distinctive chair with good rest support. The design is ergonomic and very comfortable. The armrest parts are adjusting into an astonishing 15 poses and angles, and you can even raise and lower them by a whole 3 inches. ! This is a lot of versatility when it comes to comfort, a whole new level!

The material is a thick 3-inch foam, soft and cushion-like. The seat is spacious and large, it offers stability for the sitting client, and it withstands 300 pounds weight support. The backrest is easily removed if needed, and together with the chest rest, you can angle these however you like!

Package dimensions are arms part 8 ¾ inches, seat 17 ½ x 18 ½ x 6 inches, wheelbase 26 inches diameter, backrest height 9 ½ to 18 ½ inches, chair height 23 to 28 inches. The total weight is 42 pounds.


  • Ergonomic
  • Adjustable armrest parts into 15 angles
  • Thick foam for cushion comfort
  • Large seat
  • 300 pounds weight support
  • Backrest and chest rest easy to adjust and remove


  • The rolling back and forth could be smoother
  • Hydraulics should maybe go even way lower

9. FDS Portable Chair

FDS Portable Chair

This portable tattoo chair is perfect if you are a tattoo artist that often changes the premises of working (various salons), or you even work on-call for a special customer target group (on the move). And also, it’s perfect if you often change the interior within your salon!

As ninth, we have the FDS brand with a very interesting tattoo chair. This one is made of PU leather, in a nice matte finish. What makes it convenient is that it’s easy to move around, assemble, and disassemble. It is foldable and this will make it easy for you to even do business elsewhere if needed. The base is aluminum, and the cushions are very soft and comfortable.

There is a chest pad, face cradle part, seat, armrest parts too. All positions are easily adjusted here, and the padding is of nice, thick 3-inch small-cell foam. If you’re not satisfied, within 30 days you can get a refund.

The package includes a carrying bag and a chair. Package dimensions are: 31 x 18 inches, adjustable height 39 to 44 inches, weight capacity is 500 pounds. The total weight is 20 pounds.


  • PU leather
  • Portable
  • Aluminum durable base
  • Soft cushions
  • Few support parts for body parts
  • Thick padding
  • Refund possible if not satisfied
  • Carrying bag included


  • The chair is not too big overall (but that’s why it’s easily portable)

10. Multipurpose Drafting Stool

Multipurpose Drafting Stool

You can pick this tattoo chair if you like a chair that is not too massive but offers all the good features of larger tattoo chairs – such as adjusting of height, seat, and enjoying good back cushioning.

And the last mention of this list is the AmazonBasics brand with their tattoo chair, stool-design style. This black chair has the seat material as leather and has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. You can easily adjust the seat and its height for better comfort of the sitting customer. The swivel is smooth 360 degrees, the base is sturdy, and the wheels are strengthened. The back cushion provides good ergonomic support of the spine and back. This tattoo chair is warranted for a whole year.

Package dimensions are product overall 24.4 x 24.2 x 32.5 inches up to 37.6 inches; seat height 20.3 to 25.4 inches, and the back support cushion 16.5 x 10.2 inches. The total weight is 18.5 pounds.  


  • Practical stool design
  • Leather matte look
  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Smooth swivel 360
  • Seat easy to adjust
  • Back cushion offers good spine support
  • Sturdy wheels
  • 1-year warranty


  • Seat cushion feels ‘thick’ to sit on
  • Plastic castors seem a bit weak

How we picked and tested the tattoo chairs

Overall, most features overlap and are the same with every tattoo chair. Some chairs have more of these features, some less, but the basics, the main ones to focus on are:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Back support
  • Smooth rotation of wheels and parts
  • Adjusting of height (and other features)
  • Weight capacity
  • Easy assembling
  • Hydraulics
  • Good padding
  • Aluminum base

Tattoo Chair & Client Chairs Buyer’s Guide

best tattoo bed for clients

Can I still do tattoos even on regular chairs or without tattoo chairs and beds?

Technically, yes, you can manage to do a tattoo that way, but it will be so tedious and tiring that you might give up! Adding or removing pillows, tilting uncomfortably, and similar issues will appear if you do not use specialized tattoo chairs. Purchasing a tattoo chair for you, and a client chair for the clients will save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run.

How does ergonomics play a role in tattooing overall?

Tattooing is a process where you are sitting in stiff positions for hours perhaps, and the client has to be in even stranger positions for hours on end. The least you need is discomfort on both ends. Such discomfort will lead to impatience to stop the tattooing, prolonging it, or body parts twitching from the uncomfortable positioning. You on the other hand, surely don’t want to risk severe back pain or stiffness of limbs from an unsuitable chair. Good ergonomics will increase productivity, relax the body, reduce stress, and improve work performance overall.

How to maintain the tattoo bed (client bed)?

client on tattoo bed

When it comes to maintenance, most importantly you need to keep the client chair clean and disinfected at all times. The best way for this is to use double protection – use a spray bottle of ethanol to wipe off the whole chair, and plastic wrap (this is optional but preferable) over the whole chair. Otherwise, for regular salon maintenance, clean the chair and its base and parts with special products for that specific material of the chair.


It would be our pleasure if you found your favorite pick among the 10 we have listed above. Let’s remind ourselves, the winner was the tattoo chair pick, Antlu brand with a tattoo chair that is amazingly ergonomic and easy to assemble. Then, the runner up Amolife with a tattoo chair that offers great hydraulics. And, the third place was the best client bed pick, the Inkbed brand with a tattoo bed that has USB sockets, a feature unique!

You need a tattoo chair, and tattoo bed, but what you choose from those we reviewed is up to you, your salon needs, and your budget. Good luck choosing!

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