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The Best Lamps for Tattooing in 2022

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A good lamp for tattooing goes a long way and simplifies your work with details. See our reviews and get a great equipment piece!

For any tattoo, the tattoo artist knows what he needs and exactly which pieces of equipment are essential to his work. The light for tattooing is one of those essential things that complete the preparation before a client comes in and sits on the chair.

Could a tattoo artist dedicate themself to making a tattoo perfect, without proper lighting? Art cannot be done that way! There is the risk of not seeing all the details on the client’s skin, and that is unacceptable. This is why a tattoo artist needs light for tattooing, and luckily, we gathered a detailed list of the best lamps for tattooing. Check them out, choose, and be ready for work!

Best overall


Lamp for Tattooing
  • Strong contrast light
  • Perfect for details
  • 3 years warranty

Runner Up

Daylight Company

good lamp for tattoo
  • Double head design
  • Flexible arm
  • Switch dimmer

Premium Pick


professionell tattoo lamp
  • Magnifying light
  • Durable lights
  • Easy-rolling around

These were the top 3 lamps for tattooing that we found. Below are all 10 of them, reviewed with all of their features, so you only have to choose!

Why Do You Need a Good Lamp for Tattooing?

You need a lamp for tattooing to see the client’s skin extremely well. Without this, could you do intricate and detailed work? Tattooing requires attention to even the smallest dots, and for this, you need great light!

The lamp for tattooing is for all tattoo artists, piercers, but also beauty workers (for nail extensions, eyelash extensions, facial work, and all beauty services). Also, the lamp is useful for desk workers who read and write/type a lot.

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The Best Lamps for Tattooing in 2022

best tattoo lamp

1. Brightech LED floor lamp

Best Overall

Brightech LED floor lamp

If you want to worry less during tattooing, this is the lamp for you. Why and how? Are you often clumsy, or you don’t want to pay attention to the space around you? This lamp will stay in place!

Our list begins with the best overall, the brand Brightech and their LED steel lamp. This lamp is available in a few gorgeous colors; white, black, silver, gold-rose, and brown. The brightness it provides is strong and efficient and accentuates any contrast in the space. This lamp is perfect for when you need a lot of detail visibility, with its 850-950 lumens and just 12W electricity power.

It is so useful and efficient that beauticians prefer it for extremely delicate work (like eyelash extension and similar!). The design is modern and practical without the need for additional parts and adjustments and can fit on a small desk too. The best part is the stability – you can’t knock this over. At night, you can even have it dimmed! And, it is warranted for 3 years.

Package dimensions are 10.25 x 9 x 61 inches, with a total weight of 10 pounds.


  • Durable steel
  • A few colors available
  • Strong contrast light
  • Perfect for details
  • Practical no-knock-over design
  • 3 years warranty


  • The light fades after a few months of use

2. Daylight Company LLC Lamp

Runner Up

Daylight Company LLC Lamp

If you want to adjust the position of your light with great flexibility, this is the pick you need. The arm is easily adjusted, and the design is perfect for lots of illumination in any spot of the salon.

We continue with the runner-up choice, the brand Daylight Company LLC and their LED lamp. This lamp comes in white color, and it operates/starts by gentle touch. The design is interesting; a double head that sheds even more light than you originally might need! The arm of it is flexible and you can adjust it or place it wherever you need it, and however! The color matching is impeccable with the 56 bright LEDs, and the switch dimmer also operates with a gentle touch and offers you 4 brightness levels. Its size is perfect, and you can easily carry it or place it around.

Package dimensions are 8.3 x 20.9 x 52 inches, with a total weight of 7.8 pounds.


  • Gentle touch operating
  • Double head design
  • Flexible arm
  • Perfect color matching
  • Switch dimmer
  • Easy to place around


  • The bulb seems difficult to replace
  • Light could flicker

3. Brightech LightView Pro 6 Floor Lamp

Premium Pick

Brightech LightView Pro 6 Floor Lamp

Pick out this lamp for tattooing if you want something that magnifies your working area. Whether you have vision problems or not, a larger picture with a ‘zoom’ magnifying effect is always welcomed!

Our third pick is the premium pick, the brand Brightech, and their floor lamp. This lamp is great because it’s quite big and illuminates a lot, perfectly, plus it contains a magnifying light that can be dimmed as well! You can achieve great focus on details, even if you have vision problems. The diopter glass is 3″ in width and magnifies by an astonishing 175%!

Also, expect the lamp to remain ‘cool’ because these LED lights will not heat up. Speaking of the lights, they are extremely durable up to many years, and they are 9W with 800 lumens, with an expected lifespan of 20.000 hours! The arms are flexible so you can position the head where you need it. It also has 6 wheels for easy rolling near you. There is also a warranty for 3 years.

The lens size is 5 inches, and the total product weight is 27.5 pounds.


  • Big for more illumination
  • Magnifying light
  • Not heating up
  • Durable lights
  • Flexible arms
  • Easy positioning
  • Easy-rolling around
  • 3 years warranty


  • The base seems a bit heavy
  • After a few months, there is a slowing down in the functions/dimming of the lights

4. Lancosc Floor Lamp

Lancosc Floor Lamp

If you want to magnify things a lot without suffering backache and getting too close to the working area, this is your choice! This lamp is easily adjustable and will provide you all the “zooming in” you need without too much trouble.

This next mention is by the Lancosc brand and it’s a pretty practical lamp from many aspects. The lens here is 7″ and the glass width is 4.9″, thus providing a clear and nice view of 18″, clear and sharp. It is perfect for close up views, for details, and all those who have vision problems – magnifies great! Looking through it will not cause you any sort of dizziness, because the magnifying is 5 x 500%!

You can easily adjust it on the floor and roll it with its 5 wheels, regardless of the floor surface (carpet, etc.). Another great feature is that you can attach it to a working space (clamp it) for better stability, and the lens is adjustable well. It provides 1500 lumens, it has a LED fixture of 24 watts, clear color temperature, 6000 Kelvins, and lasts for many years too! If not satisfied, the seller offers a 3-month policy for returns.

Package dimensions are 33 x 12.1 x 5.6 inches, with a total weight of 13.87 pounds.


  • Clear and nice view
  • Perfect for details
  • Massive magnifying
  • Adjustable on the floor surface
  • Clamping
  • 1500 lumens
  • Durable
  • Clear color temperature
  • 3 months return policy


  • The adjustable stand seems harsh to operate with
  • The base seems big for some users

5. Brightech Litespan Lamp

Brightech Litespan Lamp

Pick out this lamp for tattooing if you want to choose between various shades of light for every space usage! This is not just 2 in 1 because of the floor or desk use, but also because it offers color choice as well.

Again, we have the Brightech brand on the list, but now with a lamp that fits both as a floor or desk lamp. This lamp will provide amazing and high contrast, but with light that resembles natural daylight. The use here is 2 in 1 – with a standing pole for the floor, or with a gooseneck for desk usage. Just remove or add from the 3-foot legs and you can easily convert this lamp to fit your space use. The pole is a 56″ height, and for desk use is 20″, with a base diameter of 8″.

At all times, you can have perfect light from every angle with the flexible gooseneck too. The light can be easily dimmed in 3 shades/colors (cool white, warm white, and in-between), and the LEDs will last around 20.000 hours. The warranty is 3 years.

The voltage is 11 Volts, and the total weight is 7.28 pounds.


  • Floor or desk use
  • High contrast light
  • Easy to adjust
  • Perfect light from all angles
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • 3 shades of light
  • Durable
  • 3-years warranty


  • Even dimmed, the light is still very bright
  • The outlet/power shows stoppages after a while

6. Miroco LED Lamp

Miroco LED Lamp

If you are a tattoo artist that needs perfect light from every angle, and changing spots of working in the salon, pick out this lamp for tattooing. It will give you the freedom to change positions and locations anyhow you please, with light everywhere.

The next brand we mention is the Miroco with a specific, and unique lamp as well. This lamp can offer you adjusting in colors and brightness with its amazing 3 shades (natural, warm, and cool white). The levels of brightness are amazing, with 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%! But, there are also the 15 various light settings, so everything will fit a specific usage of this light for anything you need.

This is another 2 in 1 use whether for floor or desk and is an easily portable lightweight light of just 4.8 pounds. The good feature is a timer set for 1 hour – so after an hour, you won’t have to worry if you turned it off for example. The LEDs are 12W and durable, astounding 50.000 hours. The gooseneck of the lamp is very flexible and easy to adjust, with tilting of 30 degrees in any direction.

Package dimensions are 17.28 x 10.94 x 5.16 inches, with a total weight of 8.05 pounds.


  • Adjusting colors and brightness
  • 15 light settings
  • Floor or desk use 2 in 1
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Installed timer
  • Durable LEDs
  • Flexible gooseneck for many angles


  • After a few months, the stability parts start to get weaker
  • The power wire is a bit short

7. Brrnoo Desk Lamp

Brrnoo Desk Lamp

This lamp for tattooing is great if you want to have the light nearby at all times, and not just that, but to change its position and rotate it exactly as you need it. Pick this one and have light at every angle and corner.

At number 7, we have the Brrnoo brand and a very adorable desk lamp with great features. You can use it for almost everything because it’s so practical and portable and it will last a long time due to the durable aluminum. The light intensity is easily adjusted from white to warm, and there is a plug of USB type too. The height can be easily adjusted, and you can rotate it by 360 degrees.

Package dimensions are 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches, with a total weight of 6.35 ounces.


  • Portable
  • Easy to adjust features
  • Durable aluminum
  • Intensity levels
  • USB plug
  • Rotating 360 degrees


  • Perhaps the size is not perfect for a very big tattoo salon

8. Lavish Floor Lamp

Lavish Floor Lamp

This lamp for tattooing is perfect for you if you want a simple, yet very useful product to cover a bigger space/area where light is needed. It is easy to adjust and set up, and it will ‘shed light’ on a lot of space!

Like number 8, we have the brand Lavish and a very practical and neat floor lamp with some good features. This lamp will illuminate perfectly and the light will feel very natural, bright, and superior! You can expect to have perfect illumination over a space of 350 sq. feet more or less, so this is something – especially if you have a big salon! The gooseneck is very flexible and practical to adjust, and the lights are 27 Watts, perfect and durable. The lifespan per bulb is an astonishing 5000 hours! The color temperature you’ll get is 6500K, 1300 lumens. The base is made of plastic, and the overall finish is an elegant black.

The cord length is 55”. Product dimensions are 7 x 9 x 22 inches, with a total weight of 10.3 pounds.


  • Covers large areas/spaces
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Durable lights
  • The 5000-hour lifespan of a bulb
  • Elegant black finish


  • The light is not too bright in real life
  • It is a bit tall for certain spaces

9. Verilux Floor Lamp

Verilux Floor Lamp

Pick out this lamp for tattooing if you like a light that feels very natural to your eyes. With this lamp, you can choose various warmth levels, as well as brightness levels. Plus, you won’t focus on the annoying glare with the special Optix lens.

As a next mention, we have the brand Verilux and a lamp with some amazing features too. This lamp offers a full spectrum of illumination with LED lights – very durable, good quality, and a color that won’t tire your eyes out. The settings can be adjusted and personalized easily; 5 levels of intensity to choose from, and 3 levels of color warmth too (from daylight, to warm white). The design is sleek and modern with a practical gooseneck for the floor adjusting. Your eyes will not feel tired at all! This light imitates the daylight and also has a special Optix lens for glare removal and dimming. The warranty is for 1 year.

Package dimensions are 10 x 8 x 64 inches, with a total weight of 11 pounds.


  • Durable LEDs
  • Mimicking natural light
  • 5 intensity levels
  • 3 warmth levels
  • Sleek design
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Optix lens for glare
  • 1-year warranty


  • Turning it off might be complex after a while
  • Some parts are loose and feel unstable

10. Petzl Headlamp

Petzl Headlamp

Pick out this lamp for tattooing if you don’t want to bother with floor or desk lamps at all. Just put it on your head, and have your hands and space free of things, and get to work!

As our final mention of the list, we have the brand Petzl with a very interesting and extremely useful offer of a lamp for your head! This is insanely practical because you will just wear it on the head and keep on working like nothing else is needed! It is rechargeable, and perfect for the outdoors too (like hiking and similar). This lamp is extremely lightweight, of course for head use, with just less than 2.6 ounces.

The light is multi-beam and offers amazing 3 levels of light modes, as well as a red light mode too. Illumination is 450 lumens and the lifespan of lights is around 130 hours. The battery is fully charged in just 3 hours, and the Hybrid design allows for 3AAA batteries. This lamp is very easy to maintain, clean, operate, and use, plus, its headband is easy to wash as well. The warranty is for 5 years.

The packaged weight is 2.65 ounces.


  • Practical head use
  • Lightweight
  • 3 levels/modes
  • Good lifespan
  • Fast charging
  • Easy to wash and use
  • 5 years warranty


  • Feels insecurely placed
  • The button seems unresponsive most of the time

How we picked and tested

These are the features that helped us make a list of our top 10 lamps for tattooing:

  • Durable
  • Strong contrast
  • Warranty
  • Flexible parts
  • Portable
  • Magnifier
  • Floor and desk use
  • Head use
  • Settings/choices
  • Timer
  • Lightweight

Lamps for Tattooing Buyer’s Guide

tattoo lamp buyers guide

What to do if a bulb gives out?

It is a good idea to always be prepared for a bulb change, at all times. Whether it is a tattoo salon or a beauty salon, you have to have spare bulbs to act immediately.

What are the benefits of LED lights/lamps?

First, you will save energy and thus, your electricity bill will look much cheaper! Then, there will be less heating up as well. Also, these lights are very durable, compared to the old types of light bulbs. And, there are no harmful materials here as well.

What if the light still is not good enough for me?

The LED lamps offer many good settings; brightness, warmth, contrast, and more, depending on the brand you have. Your eyes will adjust relatively fast, you just need to adjust the settings, and let yourself adapt after a while.


Let’s recap what we learned about these 10 gorgeous lamps for tattooing.

The winner was the best overall Brightech brand, with a lamp that is durable and can’t be knocked over. Then, second place was the runner-up Daylight Company LLC, with a lamp that has a double head and a dimmer too. And, third place was Brightech again, with a lamp that has a magnifying light and settings.

Prepare well for your job – see details perfectly with a great lamp for tattooing!

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