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The Best Places for Your First Tattoo

Most people that choose their first tattoo are always confused about the body part where they should get it.

We have listed the best, least painful ones, and also those that hurt as well. Read below and decide for yourself.

Tattoos as a hobby or a full lifestyle are very interesting and entertaining for many reasons, whether it is visual appearance, making a statement, being addicted to the process for personal reasons, or simply enjoying the present days of less discrimination compared to the past.

All of this is even more exciting if you are just now getting your first tattoo, or thinking about getting one.

The searching for designs is nice and you will know more or less what you want, but choosing the body part is even more exciting. Let us help you with that.

The Best Place on Your Body for Your First Tattoo 

Place on Your Body for Your First Tattoo

It is a good idea not to experiment with too extreme body parts when it comes to getting the first tattoo, and it is important to choose a body part that does not hurt too much.

The obvious body parts/spots are most commonly considered for a first tattoo, and they are the arms; shoulder, forearm, or wrist

Then, the leg; thigh, or most common above the feet, on the sides. 

Also, another common body part is the back; either on the top of the spine, below the neck, or somewhere on the sides where the shoulder blades are.

What are the most painful tattoo placement to avoid

most painful tattoo placement

If you are brave enough, you can always choose a body part that hurts a lot, and this rarely happens because you have never felt the sensation of getting a tattoo. You will probably stick to the sure and check the least painful spots

But, in case you want to go all-in, the most painful places are the chest, the ribs, the stomach, inner part of thighs and near or on intimate areas, the upper top part of feet (where the bones are most felt, like the lower ankle), the neck, the knees and back of knees, upper part of palms, and the center of the spine. 

You can surely sit through the pain because when you want a tattoo, you are determined and somewhat ready to endure it (hey, after all this is not a visit to the doctor’s office when you have to receive other types of needles that nobody likes jammed in their skin!).

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What are the least painful tattoo placement on the body

Out of the body parts we have mentioned above, the least painful tattoo placement would be the lower part of the leg, midway below the knee and above the ankle, on the outer part of the leg

The shoulder is also pretty much bearable, as well as the wrist.

All of those few spots above are not scary at all, but these two are the most basic, common, and incredibly least painful to consider.

Should I consider factors such as visibility for my first tattoo?

This is a very good thing to keep in mind because many people get a tattoo on a place that is too visible; their excitement gets in the way of rational choice, and later people realize that some tattooed visible areas will be an obstacle for the workplace, or other settings and environments.

If your dress code for work is strict, and you show your arms or legs, maybe skip this idea, and get a tattoo on the back instead. We will mention again, if you are brave enough, get it even on a more painful spot, usually, those are very hidden under clothes.

What if I want to get the first tattoo on the least painful spot with many moles or skin tags? 

It is very tricky to tattoo over moles, and this is not a good idea, or maybe we can say this is forbidden! Most artists, or all of them, unanimously agree that triggering mole and provoking them with a needle is never a good thing. Yes, there is a chance that nothing very major would happen, but how can you be sure that your skin with its moles won’t suddenly complicate and cause a (God forbid), serious skin issue? 

If the place you chose has a lot of moles and spots, the bad news is that you would have to think of another body part (place). The artist can always go very closely around the moles so it doesn’t even look like the mole is too obviously surrounded with ink, but with too many moles count-wise it is simply impossible to tattoo around them. In this case, just choose another body part.

Should my first tattoo be large one?

This is your choice. Usually, people that are new to the tattooing needle go for something relatively small or tops medium size. It is a rare occurrence that someone is so brave to choose a large tattoo, from many aspects, but anyway kudos to those!

If you have considered other factors, such as workplace dress code, or similar, sure, go ahead and choose a large tattoo, but be very careful to choose a design that you won’t regret later on! If you got something very meaningful in mind, then it is ok. But, if you go just for the fun of it, feeling the sensation – then go for something smaller, and more or less not silly. Remember, this is permanent ink under the skin, so think twice.

Tips on preparing the body part for your first tattoo

body part for your first tattoo

1. Hygiene

First and foremost, don’t neglect your daily regular hygiene. This means take a shower before you go in the salon, because the artist sits close to you, and has close contact with your body – and this is one of the crucial things that, believe it or not, artists comment on (not to the client’s face of course). It is basic etiquette. 

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2. Shave the area

Then, next, you want to shave the area where the tattoo goes. It is a nice move of you to do this, and the artist won’t have to, but even if you forget, it is ok and the artists always have clean, new razors to prepare the skin. 

3. Skip body products

And, do not go overboard with perfumes, or body products on that body part. The cleansing products and the overall procedure will immediately remove any scent or lotion you have applied before, so this doesn’t need your effort.

Other things to research and dedicate time to before your first tattoo

You should not just browse for cool designs or just the body part, but also research for the best salon and best artist you can find in your area or broader area.

You don’t want your first tattoo experience to be bad, or result in health consequences, or even an unsightly tattoo!


No matter what design you choose, try to choose a not very large one, unless you bear pain nicely. But, more importantly, for a first tattoo, it is great to choose the basic, very common spots on the body – part of the legs, or the arms, or the back.

Avoid the exact spots where bones are felt upon touch because that is where it will hurt quite a lot. And, lastly, think of whether that body part will be an obstacle for the workplace or similar.

All else should be good!

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