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Best Tattoo Grips 2023 – Disposable & Stainless Steel Tubes

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We offer you a few suggestions for the best tattoo grip, to have more comfort during tattooing, and more precision in the machine movements. Broad choice of durable and comfortable grips below.

Every tattoo artist has a few essentials to mention for perfect workflow. But, logically, every tattoo artist needs to feel comfortable when he is making the tattoos, and for that, he needs to feel like he holds a pen or drawing brush. We know that without a proper tattoo grip in the hand, it seems almost impossible and very uncomfortable to stand for long hours of work.

Best overall


Tattoo Grips
  • Large quantity (50 pieces)
  • Various sizes
  • Fast shipping

Premium Pick


good tattoo tube grip
  • Non-slippery & ergonomic
  • Holds ink longer
  • Transparency

Aluminum Grip Pick


Aluminum tattoo tube grip
  • Aluminum alloy (durable)
  • Easily adjusted
  • All tattoo machines

Because we know this is an essential comfort-part, as well as a practical part for the artist, we’d like to help you choose the most suitable tattoo grip on the market. Each has nice, useful features, and you should only decide depending on their looks, and if you think they’d be a good fit in your hand. So, that’s why we tried to narrow down our selection to a few tattoo grips, all presented below.

Here you saw initially our top 3 tattoo tube grips we chose for you, and the same we’ll cover in detail below. Each of them is an excellent choice and will add to the practicality and ergonomics of your hand equipment, i.e., the machine grip. Now it’s time to see the relevance of this research and confirm their quality.

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Why do you need a tattoo tube grip?

You need a tattoo grip because you want to have a firm grasp of the tattoo machine in your hand. The tattoo grip, as the name itself sounds, is to enables better control of the hand movement over the machine. When you make a tattoo, the least you want is an unstable movement, slipping, cramping of hands, and similar. With a tattoo grip, these won’t be a problem.

The tattoo grip is a piece of equipment for all included in creating tattoos on the body, i.e., all those who own tattoo machines for permanent tattoos. Regardless of how many hours of work you expect (small or large tattoos), or if you are a beginner or expert, you should have a tattoo grip to feel comfort and stability during the whole session.

The Best Tattoo Grips in 2022

1. TattooWorld Sterilized Assorted Tubes

Best overall

TattooWorld Sterilized Assorted Tubes

This will be a good choice for you if you like to have a ‘natural feel’ of the grip in your hands. With these tattoo grips, you can have a ‘pen-like feeling’ when you hold the machine.

We start with the best overall pick we made, the 1TattooWorld brand. In their offer, they give 50 pieces of sterilized tubes that have grips of black rubber of various sizes; 10 x 3R, 10 x 5R, 10 x 7R, 5 x 9R, 5 x 5F, 5 x 7F, and 5 x 9F. They are incredibly clean, packed, and stacked, each in a separate casing.

Dimensions of the package are 7.2 x 5.7 x 4.9 inches, with 1.4 pounds weight.


  • Large quantity (50 pieces)
  • Various sizes
  • Grips are not too large (to fit hands)
  • Fast shipping


  • Grips could feel ‘loose’ or ‘spinning’ on the tube for some

2. ITATTOO Tattoo Grips

Premium Pick

ITATTOO Tattoo Grips

If you don’t want to guess when you need ink refilling, you can rest assured that these tubes and tips signal the timing for it. It would be a good pick for you if you like transparent materials that are ergonomic as well!

As our next pick, we have the premium pick ITATTOO brand. They offer tubes that are disposable and made of elegant, and strong black silicone material. Every tube is separately packed in a vacuum material. Their tips are of amazing quality and imitate metal, even though they’re plastic, so visibility of the needle is another perk here!

Most importantly, the grips are non-slippery, which is crucial for the grasp; they have smooth edges as well. The grips feel subtly ribbed, but very smooth at the same time – for ultimate comfort and easy grasp control with their ergonomics.

Package dimensions are 7 x 5.5 x 5.3 inches, with a weight of 1.65 pounds.


  • Individually packed
  • A plastic tip that feels like a metal tip
  • Transparency
  • Non-slippery and ergonomic
  • The tip is textured on the inside (holds ink longer)


  • Box arrives not extremely sealed sometimes
  • The plastic tube seems a bit fragile (depending on your handling and grasp strength)

3. ATOMUS Tattoo Grips

Aluminum Grip Pick

ATOMUS Tattoo Grips

This tattoo grip is the right choice for you if you like the grip to look more old-school metal-like and sturdy, rather than matte or silicone. And with this, you’ll ensure the durability of the aluminum for a long time to come.

As our aluminum grip pick, we recommend the ATOMUS brand. They offer a visually stunning tattoo grip that is a self-lock mechanism and made of durable aluminum alloy material. The handle is sturdy and strong, to fit nicely, but not heavy in the hand. It’s compatible with all machines, and you can even adjust it easily too. The design is detachable, and the grip is anti-slip, and lightweight as well.

Package dimensions are 2 x 1 x 1 inches, with a total weight of 2 ounces only.


  • Self-lock mechanism
  • Aluminum alloy (durable)
  • Sturdy handle
  • Easily adjusted
  • Inner tube and detachable design
  • Compatible with all tattoo machines
  • Anti-slip


  • Some packages might lack a screw part
  • If not tightened properly, it could feel ‘loose’ a bit

4. BISIBITA2 VORTEX Tattoo Tube Grips

VORTEX Tattoo Tube Grips

If you’re looking for a good deal, and several positive features at once, this is your pick. These grips feel specifically fitting in the hand, and their tips are long and transparent for more practical working – if you’re keen on seeing the ink level for example.

From the brand BISIBITA2, we single out their disposable tattoo grips. They are unique and very practical because their tips are longer than usual and transparent as well. The grip itself is comfortable in the hand, and made of silicone material, size 1.25”. Every single piece is individually packed and sealed for utmost safety and good shipping quality.

Package dimensions are 7.09 x 5.51 x 3.54 inches, with a total weight of 1.36 pounds.


  • Comfortable
  • Silicone / anti-slipping
  • Individually packed
  • Long tips
  • Transparency
  • Good price deal
  • Great fitting grip size


  • The tubes might seem small for some needles

5. Anself Tattoo Tube Handle Grip

Anself Tattoo Tube Handle Grip

If you still prefer autoclavable tattoo grips, this is your pick. It will be easy for you to clean it this way, and it’s durable steel, so no worries for its usability in the future as well.

And we sum up our list of suggestions with the Anself brand, and their autoclavable tattoo grip made of durable stainless steel. The design is ergonomic and comfortable, stable, and non-slippery as well. It is very easy for maintenance (cleaning) and has a back-stem also made of steel. Even though it’s steel, it feels incredibly lightweight.

Dimensions of the package are 3.35 x 2.76 x 098 inches, with a total weight of 5.43 ounces.


  • Durable stainless steel
  • Comfortable design
  • Non-slippery
  • Autoclavable
  • Lightweight


  • This tattoo grip might not fit every type of coil machine

How we picked and tested the tattoo grips

When we researched for the best tattoo grips on the market, what we had in mind was how they would feel in the hand, as well as how practical they are in general. For us, and you, we believe these factors are crucial:

  • Several sizes available
  • Fitting design
  • Transparency of the tips
  • Non-slipping
  • Durable material
  • Compatibility with most tattoo machines
  • Affordability
  • Lightweight / comfort

Tattoo Tube Grip Buyer’s guide

Tattoo Tube Grip tattooing

Different types of tattoo grips

They can be autoclavable and disposable. For example, the disposable grips and tips are for one use only, and when you order them, it’s all packed at once – the grip, tip, and tube. These disposable ones are cheaper than autoclavable, but that’s because you throw them away after one use. Also, once you get a disposable grip and tip, there’s not much customizing – except for maybe tattoo grip tape.

For autoclavable tips and grips, when you order them, they are packed separately, because this is not a one-time use product. The benefit here is that with proper sterilization tools/machines in the tattoo parlor, you can use these for an infinite number of tattoos. If you have a few sets of these, 1-2 can always be in the autoclave apparat while you use the others.

Autoclavable grips and tips allow for customization and adjustments – mix and match several different parts to combine tool parts and achieve your perfect combo at the moment (for fine lines, shades, etc)

Is it better to go with silicone or metal tattoo tube grip

This is completely your choice and comfort preference. If you like old-school metal tools, and you feel more secure with a sturdy part in the hand, go for the firm metal. But, if you prefer something to ‘stick’ against the latex gloves, choose the silicone material.

How to make any tattoo grip more comfortable than it already is

A tattoo grip tape is a nice thing to invest in. They are affordable and you get a great deal per a certain price. They can be shaped as you need them, and the grip will feel like it has a ‘cushion’ support that feels soft, but secure. You’ll simply roll a few layers (circular) around the tattoo grip until you feel it is enough according to your grasp.


Let’s sum it up because it’s time for you to choose your next tattoo grip upgrade! So, the winner is the best overall 1TattooWorld with several sizes available for a perfect fit. Then, the premium pick ITattoo with the disposable and elegant silicone grips that offer great ergonomic comfort. And as third, we had the aluminum pick ATOMUS with the durable tattoo grips made of aluminum, but available at a great price.

Choose a grip and enjoy the secure and precise lines you’ll make, without fearing shaky moves or vibrational mishaps! Good luck!