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The Best Temporary Tattoo Markers Pens in 2023

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Be unique and create temporary tattoos easily. We listed a few products of vibrant and lasting pigments. For thick or thin lines, black or colorful – we have the best products below!

To get a tattoo is an incredibly fun and exciting experience because you get to decorate the body with any design that you can think of. But, oftentimes the permanent tattoos can be an obstacle for many things in life, starting from the working place to other things as well.

Luckily, today we will discuss a solution to this – you can have a tattoo that will wash off, and be able to function ‘untattooed’ at the same time! The temporary tattoo markers are a perfect solution if you want something temporary on the skin, and today we will discuss all the best temporary tattoo markers we found on the market.

Best Overall


Temporary Tattoo Marker
  • 8 colors
  • Lasting pigment
  • Safe to use

Premium Pick


colored Temporary Tattoo Markers
  • 13 colors
  • Stencil paper
  • Natural origins

Runner Up


temporary tattoo marker pen
  • Waterproof
  • Gloves included
  • Long-lasting

We will cover all of their features and uses, and hopefully, help you choose the right temporary tattoo marker for you. Once you do, you’ll have lots of fun with different tattoos all the time!

These were our top 3 products we picked out for you – in total we have a list of 6 individual sets of markers, or kits. Below you can see all of them and choose according to your needs and budget. All of them contain the essentials, and some, even a little extra!

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Why do you need a temporary tattoo marker?

You need a temporary tattoo marker if you are not a fan of permanent tattoos, and dislike the real tattooing with needles. Or, perhaps you do like permanent tattoos, but you are prevented from getting them due to work obligations and restrictions. Finally, you need a temporary tattoo marker if you have children who like to draw (and truth be told, all children do!). 

The temporary tattoo marker is for all of you who do not like permanent tattoos, or you are forbidden to have them due to the workplace, and this means professions like law, medicine, flight attendants, teachers, professors, nannies, and similar. Also, if you have children who like to draw on themselves, the markers are very convenient for birthdays and sleepover parties.

The Best Temporary Tattoo Markers in 2022

Temporary Tattoo Marker tattoo

1. BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker

Best Overall

BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker

Choose this temporary tattoo marker package if you like to choose between a few colors, but not too many. And, if you can’t decide between thin or thick lines, no need – these markers have a practical tip for both line types!

We begin the list with the best overall temporary tattoo marker by the BIC brand. This marker comes in 8 colors of the package, and allows you to choose from the gorgeous 8 colors for various ‘tattoos’ every single time! It is safe to use on the skin and follows all cosmetic regulations. The felt tip is very versatile and perfect for both thin lines or thick ones. The colors are highly pigmented and leave a nice and lasting color on the skin.

Product dimensions are 2.95 x 3 x 0.22 inches, with a total weight of 5.3 ounces.


  • 8 colors
  • Lasting pigment
  • Safe to use
  • Felt tip for all types of lines


  • The product has not been tested on sensitive skin

2. Vanli’s Temporary Tattoo Pens

Premium Pick

Vanli’s Temporary Tattoo Pens

Choose these temporary tattoo markers and pens if you like to choose from over a dozen colors that are natural and safe! But, also you can pick this product if you like to get a little extra with your order, such as the stencil paper included in the package.

The second product we chose is the premium pick Vanli’s brand with their temporary tattoo pens. This amazing package includes temporary tattoo pens and stencil paper too! All of the colors are bright and gorgeously pigmented – there are 6 felt pens + 7 metallic brush pens, also 50 pieces of the stencil paper. It is important to note that all of the pigments are completely safe for skin use and are of natural origins, however, the product cannot be used on the skin like on the lips and eyes. The best thing is that you could get a refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

Package dimensions are 6.6 x 5.5 x 0.8 inches, with a total weight of 5.61 ounces.


  • 13 colors (6 felt pens + 7 metallic brush pens)
  • 50 pieces of stencil paper
  • Nice, pigmented colors
  • Safe for skin use
  • Natural origins
  • Refund if not satisfied


  • Not meant for use on lips or eyes
  • It lasts 1-2 washes 

3. Kevinart Temporary Tattoo Kit

Runner Up

Kevinart Temporary Tattoo Kit

Pick this temporary tattoo marker kit if you like a fully complete package for the money you give! Here you will get even more components, not just ink; for example the gloves, stencils, cotton swabs, and similar. You’ll be ready to draw some art on yourself anytime if you’re equipped like this!

From the brand Kevinart, we singled out the runner up pick that’s a full complete temporary tattoo kit. This product is waterproof, which is truly one of its best features. These pigments last quite some time, due to the highly pigmented colors and great waterproof product quality, up to astonishing 6 days! The point is of metal and can be reused, but also, you can control the ink amount that comes out. In the package, you will get 4 bottles of black ink, 8 pieces of cotton swabs, 24 stencils, and 4 pieces of gloves (disposable), as well as a description card. And, if not satisfied, you can be refunded as well.  

Package dimensions are 4 x 3.5 x 1.3 inches, with a total weight of 3.21 ounces.


  • Long-lasting and waterproof
  • Reusable metal point
  • Control of ink amount
  • Stencils (24 pieces)
  • Ink, cotton swabs, gloves included
  • Refund is possible if not satisfied


  • Not meant for use on lips or eyes
  • It lasts 1-2 washes 

4. TOFD Temporary Tattoo Kit

TOFD Temporary Tattoo Kit

Pick this temporary tattoo marker kit if you like to constantly create tattoos for yourself – these bottles will make up to 100 small designs before you run out of ink! Enjoy the safe jagua gel and create a new design often, with or without the included stencils.

Our fourth pick is the TOFD by the brand Freehand Ink, from the manufacturer Baiwin. This kit is also amazingly equipped and made with the jagua temporary tattoo gel. There are 4 bottles of ink included, all with circa 15 ml of liquid content – and with one such bottle you can draw up to 25 tiny tattoos! The color is safe to use and of natural origin, with a lasting effect of 5 days tops. Besides this, you’ll get 30 pieces of adhesive stencils for the delicate and small tattoos. The customer support is amazing and will reply to your issues (if any) within 24 hours.

Package dimensions are 4.5 x 3.8 x 1.3 inches, with a total weight of 3.99 ounces.


  • A bottle of ink makes 25 designs
  • 4 ink bottles
  • Lasting color (5 days)
  • 30 pieces of stencils
  • Safe jagua gel
  • Friendly customer support


  • The gel dries slowly on the skin
  • Some of the pigments wash faster than the rest

5. Skin Companion Twin Tip Tattoo Pen

Skin Companion Twin Tip Tattoo Pen

This package of temporary tattoo markers is perfect for you if you prefer simple packages of the essential colors, without anything else. And, if you like a variety of designs, the tip of these markers can do both thin, and other types of lines.

Our fifth pick is the pack offer by the brand Skin Companion. Their package includes 6 markers in different colors, plus you will get one marker extra for free. All of the pigments are beautiful and lasting. The tips on the markers are fine and semi-thin, or, medium on one side. It’s easy to blend and use these markers, and the designs will last up to a few days.

Package dimensions are 7 x 2 x 0.9 inches, with a total weight of 2.4 ounces.


  • 7 markers included (6 + 1)
  • Nice and pigmented colors
  • Lasting up to a few days
  • Versatile size tips
  • Easy to blend


  • The tips/product could dry out fast
  • With water, they could erase faster than usual

6. Anself Body Art Pens

Anself Body Art Pens

Choose this package of temporary tattoo markers if you need the essential dozen colors, not less, not more. With these beautifully pigmented markers, you can obtain the basics for creating your temporary tattoos, anytime, anywhere. The best is that you’ll have a quick-dry design in seconds, and will last more than other pigments!

The last mention of this list is the amazing package of temporary tattoo markers by the Anself brand. In this package, you get 12 gorgeous and vibrant color markers, all of them waterproof! Their pigment dries fast on the skin, and won’t wash off extremely fast or easy. It is safe for use, durable, resistant to light and warmth, quick-dry, and waterproof, of course.

Package dimensions are 7.8 x 7.6 x 0.6 inches, with a total weight of 4.1 ounces.


  • 12 colors
  • Vibrant and durable
  • Waterproof
  • Quick-drying
  • Resistant to warmth and light


  • Not labeled as ‘body/skin markers’

How we picked and tested the Temporary Tattoo Markers

We summed up the best features of temporary tattoo markers and kits as such:

  • Variety of colors offered
  • Durable pigment
  • Safe for skin use
  • Good quality and practical shape of the tip
  • Variety of products included in the package/kit
  • Waterproof
  • Quick-drying

Temporary Tattoo Markers Buyer’s Guide

How to remove temporary tattoo markers

How to make a temporary tattoo marker last longer

There is no magic advice to help the temporary tattoos last longer. But, there are some minor things you can try to do for it. For example, make sure the skin is dry and clean – not greasy and with lotion. Also, avoid vigorous rubbing or applying soaps and foam on the ‘tattoo’. Clean and simple – it always works!

How to use a temporary tattoo marker tip properly

This one is simple. The sharp, thin part of the tip is used for thin lines, such as the contours. The thicker part of the tip is for filling/coloring inside the design. It can’t get easier than this!

How to remove temporary tattoo markers

This one is simple and it goes without saying. Foam, shower gel, soap – whatever you use for skin/body cleansing, will work perfectly here as well. If there is still something left, use cotton/cloth and makeup remover.


As you see, temporary tattoo markers are amazing and offer you, or your children, the simplicity of a tattoo that can easily be made, and erased!

So, let’s sum it up so far, and remind you of our choices! Our winner, the best overall, was the BIC brand with 8 colors and a perfect felt tip of the markers. Then, the second was the premium pick Vanli’s, with an offer of 13 pens + 50 stencils. And, the third, runner up was the Kevinart kit, with 4 ink bottles, cotton, gloves, and stencils too!

You won’t go wrong no matter which one of the 6 above you pick. Be prepared for the next children’s get-together or birthday party, or simply make doodles on yourself to test if you want a permanent tattoo, without regrets!