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The Best White Tattoo Inks in 2022

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To make flawless tattoos, you need to use the best white tattoo ink you could find. White is essential for most tattoos, so make sure you pick the right one from those listed below.

Making tattoos is simply creating art, and coloring onto someone’s skin permanently. But, to create a masterpiece of a tattoo, you need to have good inks and good equipment. Still, there is one ink color that has special attention drawn to it – the white tattoo ink.

This ink is rarely used alone, and it plays a huge role with the other colors. You have to have the white ink to brighten and change the other ink colors and create new shades. We all know the white ink is delicate to keep under the skin for very long, so you need to pick the best white tattoo ink for a long-term good effect.

We will help you with that because we reviewed 10 inks below, and explained any uncertainties and features related to them. Let’s begin!

Best Overall


white tattoo ink
  • High in pigment
  • Sterilized
  • Vegan / cruelty-free

Runner Up

Millennium Mom’s

good white tattoo ink
  • A lot of pigment
  • Vibrant colors
  • Lasting effect

Premium Pick


premium white tattoo ink
  • Strong pigment
  • Sterilized
  • Vegan

You have now seen the 3 white tattoo inks we will cover in all sections below. All of them offer that desired white clean boldness of pigment, but also much more. Let’s see all of their features and usages, and you’ll be able to choose in no time.

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Why do you need white tattoo ink?

The white tattoo ink is essential to always have around in the tattoo parlor where you do tattoos, or similar.

Why? Well, the white tattoo ink is the same ‘must-have’ as the black ink. These two colors contribute to the primary tattoo designs. For example, with the white ink, you can brighten other colors, or add highlights to the grey and black tattoos, or even add to the contrast of other ink colors. The white tattoo ink also contributes to adding more ‘shape’ or ‘dimensions’ to the overall finished design (such as light-glow when you tattoo ‘shiny’ objects, like the ‘eye pupils’ or ‘watery’ looks, and similar).

The white tattoo ink is for everyone that works in the tattoo industry, i.e., every tattoo artist. This ink color is essential to have at all times – you never know when you’ll need to brighten a black or grey ink that turned out a bit too dark. Or maybe you need to add dimension to a gorgeous design. Or, maybe you need to just polish up any design with white highlights, and shades of other inks brighter than their originals. The white tattoo ink should always be a part of your tattoo equipment.

The Best White Tattoo Inks in 2022

tattoo artist white tattoo ink

1. Dynamic White Tattoo Ink

Best Overall

Dynamic White Tattoo Ink

If you want a white tattoo ink that is vegan, sterilized, and great for all purposes with other inks, pick this one. You’ll be sure that this won’t cause any bad reactions to the client’s skin, and also you’ll mix it super-easy with other colors to get new shades.

The Dynamic brand is our best overall pick on this list. This ink has a lavish, and bold finish pigment that will not fade so fast. The color is highly pigmented, which means when you add it to another ink color, you will not bother too much to get a new shade. The ingredients used are all vegan and cruelty-free (without testing on animals). Also, the manufacturer sterilized this ink, so no harmful residues touch the skin.

Package dimensions are 6 x 6 x 6 inches, with a total weight of 8 ounces.


  • Sterilized
  • High in pigment
  • Good finish
  • Vegan / cruelty-free


  • A bit watery (best to shake before use every time)

2. Millennium Mom’s Power White

Runner Up

Millennium Mom’s Power White

This white tattoo ink is your perfect choice if you need some pigment that is bold enough, but also extra-easy to apply under the skin. This ink will have a long-lasting effect, which is crucial for delicate designs.

Next, let’s continue with the runner up a choice by Millennium Mom’s. This white ink is a smooth and homogenous blend with a high amount of pigment and goes easily under the skin. The white is very vibrant and creates a good contrast next to other colors. The effect will last longer, and the color will stay nice as well. You can use it for mixing with other inks, or just altering the pigments – such a vibrant white can do it all!

Package dimensions are 5.5 x 3 x 0.02 inches, with a total weight of 0.81 ounces.


  • Homogenous and smooth
  • A lot of pigment
  • Easy to insert under the skin
  • Vibrant colors
  • Lasting effect
  • Great in contrast to other colors


  • The color needs repeating on dark / African-American skin to show much better

3. StarBrite Tattoo Ink

Premium Pick

StarBrite Tattoo Ink

This white tattoo ink may be your perfect choice if you need a safe, sterilized, and vegan ink that does not lose vibrancy even after a long time. You can use it easily, it will go smooth under the skin, and leave a nice, bold finish.

As a premium pick, we chose the StarBrite brand and their white tattoo ink. This one may have a thinned-out consistency, but the pigment is surprisingly bold and the texture is smooth. It is made with vegan ingredients, and of course, no harmful ones like iron and similar. The ink is sterilized and completely safe for usage as well.

Package dimensions are 3.7 x 1 x 1 inch, with a total weight of 1.44 ounces.


  • Strong pigment
  • Vegan
  • Sterilized
  • No iron
  • Lasting effect
  • Good solid vibrancy
  • Long expiration date
  • Fast shipping
  • Great for highlights and mixing


  • You have to shake well before use (to avoid thickness or watery texture)

4. Kuro Sumi Samurai White

Kuro Sumi Samurai White

This white ink is superb if you like to be sure with brands that exist for a long time on the market. You’ll notice how easy it is to work with this white ink, how smoothly it flows, but also that is fully safe for the skin too.

From the Kuro Sumi brand, we have a white tattoo ink that has a superb outcome, and a strong, bold white color that stands out like nothing else! The manufacturer ensured vegan ingredients, no animal testing or animal cruelty, and all ingredients are natural and not health-harming. This is a trusted brand with a long existence on the market, you rest assured that you will get a great product. It has a nice, smooth consistency that goes easy under the skin, and shows well on all skin tones.

Package dimensions are 1.4 x 0.5 x 4 inches, with a total weight of 2 ounces.


  • Bold white pigment
  • Vegan and no-cruelty
  • Healthy and good ingredients
  • Easy to work with
  • Lasting effect
  • For all skin tones
  • Trusted brand


  • In rare cases, you might need to repeat over it to ensure the vibrancy

5. VIKING INK White Ultra

VIKING INK White Ultra

If you would like to have an extremely bright and vividly pigmented white tattoo ink, look no further. This is for you if you need a medium-consistency of the ink and easy penetration through the needles. Your customers will be amazed when this ‘white’ does not change after time!

The Viking-Ink brand offers a neatly packed vegan white ink that stands out with its distinctive white brightness and is not tested on animals. This ink is another one that smoothly applies under the skin, and is very easy to work with. What is even more interesting, as time passes, the color does not change, or fade at all! It has a nice homogeneous consistency as well. The shipping is incredibly fast, so you will have it on time or earlier!

Package dimensions are 3.54 x 1.18 x 0.71 inches, with a total weight of 1.41 ounces.


  • Brightness and bold white pigment
  • Vegan / no cruelty
  • Easy to work with
  • Easy to penetrate under the skin
  • Color does not change after time
  • Nice consistency
  • Fast shipping


  • For some skin tones or types, you should repeat it a few times
  • The package could be tightened more before shipping (to avoid leaking)

6. Authentic Radiant Colors U Pick Super White

Authentic Radiant Colors U Pick Super White

This white tattoo ink is your perfect pick if you like the white ink to stand out, and not just create contrast. With this ink, all the tattoos you’ll make will not fade and be as vibrant as the first day you made them.

The brand Radiant Colors offers a nice white tattoo ink that is literally ‘super-white’ and almost radiant. The pigment here is quite strong, and its consistency makes it easy to apply it and use it overall. It will show perfectly vivid as the first day, on all skin tones, without signs of fading. Also, the ink does not contain toxic ingredients, and the color turns out the same as on the bottle.

Package dimensions are 6 x 2 x 6 inches, with a total weight of 3 ounces.


  • Radiant white pigment
  • No fading
  • Smooth consistency
  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Bottle color is not misleading and turns out perfect on the skin


  • Shake multiple times before use; to prevent clumps

7. Bloodline Authentic Tattoo Ink All Purpose White

Bloodline Authentic Tattoo Ink All Purpose White

If you are a tattoo artist without much time for researching various white tattoo inks, you can pick this one and use it for all purposes. It will add contrast, brighten dark colors, or add vibrancy in highlights too.

The Skin Candy brand has an all-purpose white ink that is just as the name suggests – fit for all uses and purposes, whether it is mixing with other colors, or just using it for brightening and contrasts. This ink is especially great for highlights whenever you need to accentuate another pigment! It is simple for usage, nicely mixed consistency, and easily flowing under the skin. The brightness of this white pigment is incredible and will stand out the most out of all colors in the tattoo!

Package dimensions are 4 x 2.1 x 1 inch, with a total weight of 3.21 ounces.


  • Vibrant white pigment
  • All purposes
  • Especially great for highlights
  • Easy to work with
  • Non-fading factor


  • The bottle size is a bit small (check sizes and specifications well before purchasing)

8. Element White Tattoo Ink

Element White Tattoo Ink

This white tattoo ink is your must-have if you want a good pigment and you make a lot of greys and shaded tattoos. Why? Because this white ink is especially convenient for brightening up those shades and dark tones and is simple to use. Because it’s great for shades, it’s great for blending too.

The Element Tattoo Supply brand offers a nice white tattoo ink that creates a high-contrast effect with its brightness. This ink is great for blending pigment, highlight, or even outline-contrast and brightening too. Because the pigment is so bold, this is great for mixing with other inks. When it comes to grey tattoos, this white ink is good for the highlights between shadows. It is simple to use, and good for both experts and beginners.

Package dimensions are 1 x 1 x 4 inches, with a total weight of 2.4 ounces.


  • Bright pigment
  • Great for all purposes
  • Amazing as a highlight for grey tattoos, and blending mixing
  • For experts and beginners / simple usage


  • The consistency might appear watery, so shake well before use

9. Element Tattoo Black White Tattoo Ink

Element Tattoo Black White Tattoo Ink

A pack of two sounds great, especially if it’s the two essential and most basic must-have colors for tattooing. This white tattoo ink will make any grey or shaded tattoo ‘pop’ and create a discrete, yet powerful contrast next to greys and black pigments. Pick this one for ultimate color vibrancy.

Again, we continue with the Element Store, this time with a cute pair of the two basics, black and white tattoo inks. You can use this ink with cartridge needles, hand poke, stick tattoos, and needles on bars as well. With these two basic pigments, you can create a sharp and bold line or image, as precise as it can be. The white ink gives off a nice and vibrant highlight where you put it. Again, fit for both experts and beginners.

Package dimensions are 4.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches, with a total weight of 2.4 ounces.


  • A nice deal of two basic pigments
  • The white is very vibrant
  • White ink is great as highlight ink
  • Non-fading bold effect
  • Fit for experts and beginners


  • Better or more secure pre-packaging before shipping could be required

10. Eternal Tattoo Inks

Eternal Tattoo Inks

You can go ahead and pick this white tattoo ink if you want a simple and fast purchase of something extremely practical. With this ink, you will both shade and highlight, and you will add an immense vibrancy to the grey and dark tones with this ultimate opacity!

And we sum up our list with the Eternal brand and their white tattoo ink. This white ink comes in a nice amount of 8 oz. and 1 oz. per bottle. The white is a clean matte-looking white, good for all purposes. The consistency is smooth and easy to work with, and you will notice how because of this, the ink seeps into the skin instantly! You can use it for all places in need of a highlight, or a pure white shade. The opacity is high, and you can easily use it straight from the bottle!

Package weight can be either 8 ounces, or 1 ounce, per choosing.


  • Two size amounts available
  • Matte and strong white pigment
  • Smooth consistency
  • Easy to use
  • Fast absorbing beneath the skin
  • Great for highlight, and shades
  • High opacity


  • Perhaps more sizes could be available (even though it is not a huge issue)

How we picked and tested the white tattoo inks

The white tattoo ink has to fulfill certain criteria because with this ink you will make essential things to the tattoos. So, to ensure the best quality, try to find as many as possible from the following, per product:

  • Sterilized
  • Vibrant pigment and great opacity
  • Smooth consistency
  • Easy to apply/place under the skin
  • Non-fading
  • Natural ingredients
  • All-purpose vs. specific purpose (shading, highlights, mixing, etc,)
  • All skin tones

White Tattoo Ink Buyer’s Guide

white tattoo ink guide

Do I have to purchase more white tattoo ink to repeat it more for lasting effect

You have to purchase the white tattoo ink no matter what because it’s essential for almost every tattoo. The amount does not play a huge role here, because white is used in moderation for special effects or similar, not for full, massive areas of white color.

Can I use white ink alone without ink of other colors?

Technically, yes, you can, but it will be kind of pointless. White alone is not so visible as all the rest of the colors. You need to use it for effects, contrasts, or brightening of inks.

Will white tattoo ink require a special application for different skin tones

No. Use the white ink as any other, but expect that it will most likely fade faster than any other color on the tattoo. This is just how the white ink ‘works’. It could be less visible on darker skin tones though and could require repeating in the future in this case.

What usage is best for the white tattoo ink

With white tattoo ink, you want to add highlights or brightening effects to an already done design on the skin. The white is a delicate color that doesn’t stand out naturally, so it is used as a contrasting factor, or for brightening other inks too.

Does every type of white tattoo ink raise the skin?

Well, yes, no matter how expensive or famous is the brand, white ink has a specific consistency (thicker than other inks), so it is harder to get absorbed under the skin. This is not harmful though, but it is more visible than raising from other inks – due to the white pigment which stands out above the skin.


As you see, the white tattoo ink is a basic essential, just as the black ink is, and you have to have it at all times. The white pigment is crucial for almost all designs and mixing of shades, so hopefully, we helped you choose the best white tattoo ink.

But, let’s recap just in case; the winner best overall was the Dynamic brand with vegan ingredients and a nice, bold finish. Then, there was the runner up, Millennium Mom’s ink with an incredibly strong white pigment that’s perfect for adding contrast to other inks. And, the third place as a premium pick was the StarBrite that arrives super-fast and has an extended expiration date as well.

It is a fact that you have to have a white tattoo ink, but now it is time to make your decision about the ones listed above, but whatever you choose, you will choose right!