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Using Coconut Oil on Tattoos: Pros & Cons

Coconut oil is very popular for everything, especially skincare. How does this relate to tattoo aftercare?

Well, in a good way.

These days coconut oil is the latest of trends when it comes to nutrition, but even more when it comes to cosmetics and beauty. The usage of coconut oil is more present by the day, and the benefits are numerous and quite valid too!

But, when it comes to tattoo aftercare, should we use coconut oil for freshly done tattoos? Are there benefits of coconut oil for tattoos, or flaws in its usage for this purpose? We will find out in detail, so keep on reading.

Why you should use coconut oil on your tattoos

Why you should use coconut oil on your tattoos

Coconut oil is a good aftercare product, and the benefits for this purpose outweigh the negative aspects. 

In general, this natural oil is healthy for any skin type and skin condition, and fresh tattoos contribute to softness and skin nourishment.

However, the optimal usage for the coconut on new tattoos, it would be best to use it after the initial days of swelling and pain after the tattooing session, i.e., it is best to use it when the scab is already formed and the tattoo starts itching and peeling (healing). 

This is because extremely irritated and traumatized skin from a tattoo would benefit at first from proper medical products that prevent any health issues and further skin complications.

9 reasons why coconut oil is a good tattoo aftercare product

We will try to list the main and best reasons that make coconut such a good product for the skin. So, by any logic, if coconut is great for the skin in general, it should be good for the tattoos as well, right? 

Let’s begin.

1. Amazing moisturization

coconut moisturization

It’s amazing to know that there is such a natural and good product that keeps the skin incredibly soft, gorgeous, attractive, and healthy-looking. After all, is there something better than Mother Nature for most things? You can freely compare a regular aftercare product with coconut oil, and simply apply it to a random patch of skin. You will notice how the coconut oil spot is way softer and kind of has the moisture ‘locked in’, in comparison to the regular body lotion

So if this is the case now, imagine how good the peeling tattoo would feel with a dab of coconut. And it will smell amazing too!

2. Preserving the skin from infections

Coconut oil is famous for having good and skin-friendly ingredients, such as lauric, capric, and caprylic acids. They are by nature amazing for disinfection of the area/skin where we apply it, so the tattoo will not be at such great risk of contracting microbial infections for example.

3. No free radicals

Free radicals are not such a great thing when it comes to the health factor, and this is a known fact. They are not good because they make the organism, and skin, of course, age much faster than normal.

This means the skin aging faster will also make tattoos look worse earlier than you thought! Here comes the good part – coconut oil will slow down this process by keeping the skin layers healthy and soft, without the risk of extreme dryness or bad flaking. So, when the tattoo starts peeling, it will peel off in such a nice way, you won’t be annoyed at all, or tempted to pick the scabs.

4. Healing wounds and scabs and lessening inflammation

The coconut oil contains good ingredients that even speed up the healing process, not just assist it! And when your skin is traumatized from the needles and pain, the coconut will soothe it and make it feel better, nurtured, ‘and taken care of’.

Healing wounds and scabs

This means less pain and with that fewer inflammation risks (usually, these two factors go hand in hand). Plus, your fresh tattoo will not be at risk of inflammation in the next following days after the initial phase because there will be a reduction of the oxidative stress of the skin – and more antioxidants on the very layer that keep the skin healthy, which is crucial after a fresh tattoo!

But, why is collagen so amazing for healing and preventing inflammation of skin layers? Because it contains collagen too! This ingredient is vital for youthful and healthy skin, and usually, non-vegetarians and non-vegans ingest a lot of collagen and look much more youthful than the rest. You get the point.

Coconut has collagen, and your tattoo is traumatized skin temporarily, so why not pamper it with an oily elixir straight from the package? Make that new tattoo look shiny, soft, younger, and healthier.

5. Economic usage

The great thing about coconut oil is that it is so economic and lasting! You will get a small jar, and honestly, it can last for months. Regardless if you use it for tattoo aftercare, or just as regular skincare in everyday life, just a tiny dab or mini-dollop is enough to cover a large area, because this oil spreads evenly, and a lot until it absorbs into the skin fast.

6. No allergies (hypoallergenic)

Are you afraid to try out new skincare products that are also fit for tattoo aftercare? Surely, if your skin is highly sensitive, you fear that it will break out or even worse, show some redness and similar complications. 

But, with coconut oil, there is no need to be afraid. This is a natural product, and nature rarely causes skin or in general, health reactions. In this case, your tattoo will only benefit from the coconut. It is a fact that certain tattoo aftercare products might contain ingredients that are not so perfect for every skin type (rarely though), so with coconut at least you don’t risk it.

7. Accessible

Sometimes, some pharmacies don’t have the exact medical aftercare product you need, and you panic about whether your tattoo will get the proper aftercare the very night after the session? Or a shipment is kind of late due to unpredicted issues? Well, coconut is at least found easily everywhere, you name it – supermarkets, cosmetic shops, drugstores, pharmacies, etc. And the price is nice too!

8. No cruelty

Another great thing about coconut is that it is vegan or cruelty-free. If you are a pro-animals and animal rights activist, your tattoos will get the utmost best cruelty-free aftercare.

9. More than one purpose

Even when you are done with the tattoo aftercare, the coconut will remain almost intact, as if not used from the package at all! Such an economic product you can use for virtually anything – skincare, lip care, and much more in the meantime. And, there will still be a lot left, just on time for your next tattoo!

Is coconut oil bad for tattoos in any way?

Is coconut oil bad for tattoos

It would only be bad if you apply it all the time, and in large amounts on the new tattoo. The coconut oil has a lot of fat content, which could clog pores a bit. And, for a fresh tattoo, you want the skin to breathe, not for pores to be clogged.

Let it breathe, and apply it just 2-3 times per day, in a tiny amount. It is enough to hydrate it, but without the extra grease that won’t absorb.

How much to apply?

Just a dollop, but more precisely, dab your finger in the jar, and don’t even scoop it out – the oil will stick to your finger instead, and THAT is enough for small or medium tattoos. If you want to cover a very massive area, then just a pea-size is enough for let’s say, half of the back or so. Try it out and you will feel what is enough for you.

Can I wrap the tattoo at night after applying coconut oil?

No! The tattoo has to breathe while it heals, and wrapping it with anything is a big mistake and artists advise against it. So, yes, risk the greasy linens, but at least your new tattoo will heal nicely.

Are you willing to risk clogged pores and bad tattoo healing, in comparison to clean sheets?

Besides, a tad of coconut will not stain anything at all because it will absorb well.


To conclude, coconut oil is amazing in every sense, and it is not just healthy for your fresh tattoo, but it will even soothe it, and lessen the pain and trauma from the session – overall it will not just heal the tattoo, but make the skin youthful, healthy on the long run, and improved in every sense. 

Imagine how nice it would be to use it for tattoo aftercare? Economic both price-wise, and amount-wise, found in almost every place you go to, lasts for months probably, and it smells superb unlike some of the medical aftercare products. 

Pamper the tattoo scabs with some coconut, and notice the healing and nurture almost instantly!

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