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First Tattoo Tips For Beginners – Guide For Getting Your First Tattoo

You have waited for the right time to come; for you to get your first tattoo. Such courage you have! The excitement is overwhelming.

But what are the first tattoo tips for beginners you would like to know? You most definitely have a lot of questions running through your mind even though you are so sure you want to have your first tattoo. Questions like which tattoo artist is the best? Best tattoo starter kit for beginners? How deep is it going to hurt? On which part of my body should I have the tattoo?

Oh yes, we can relate. That’s why we have put together this first tattoo tips for beginners.

Relax. You don’t have to rush. For getting your first tattoo, see our first tattoo tips for beginners. Now, let’s discuss the first tattoo tips for beginners below.

Tips for Your First Tattoo

Tips for Your First Tattoo

1. Think and Be Ready Mentally

The decision to get your first tattoo could be overwhelming. But now that you have decided, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I mentally ready?
  • Can I withstand the little pain I’m likely to go through?
  • You are going to bleed a little. Am I usually comfortable seeing my own blood?
  • After getting inked, your tattoo healing process demands commitment. Are you down to following the aftercare procedures?

Well, we don’t mean to scare you. Just that our first tattoo tips for beginners is incomplete without emphasizing skin’s sensitivity and your ability to manage pain. Besides, where tattoo machines are involved, it’s okay to be mentally prepared.

2. Ask Questions from Those Who have Tattoo Experience

For your first tattoo experience, ignorance is not a blessing. Think of a few people around who have impressive tattoos on their skin.

Probably your families, friends, or colleagues at work. Take your writing material, put down their names, and reach out to them. We recommend that you write down the questions you want to ask. Some of the questions we recommend as first tattoo tips for beginners are:

  • What’s the motivation for getting your first tattoo?
  • How do you feel after getting your first tattoo?
  • What are your recommendations for a first tattoo?
  • Has having a tattoo stopped you from getting an opportunity?
  • How much did you pay for your tattoo?
  • Would you recommend your tattoo artist to anyone?

Make sure you ask politely; some tattoo experiences are quite personal. If you are asking over the phone or during a face-to-face conversation, ensure the timing is right.

3. Consider Medical Reasons

Getting your first tattoo means your skin will go under tattoo equipment. Knowing your medical history or present health is a very important first tattoo tips for beginners.

For example, the level of your skin’s sensitivity may not permit being subjected to tattoo needles. What if your skin reacts badly? So, we advise that you consult your medical doctor or dermatologist before getting your first tattoo.

Wait, it doesn’t mean your medical doctor or dermatologist is going to stop you. No, it’s just best to have them advise you on what’s good for you and what’s not. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

4. Carry out Research and Reviews

There are a lot of valuable online content on tattooing as well as reviews on tattooists. Good enough, you can always narrow your Google search to your local area. Try it now and you will be impressed by the results the search query will provide.

Most of the time, the question we get asked is if online information can be trusted. Yes, you can. But we understand your concern. So, we usually recommend that you only trust an online review that has a face, name, and address to it. And you can even take a step further to contact the reviewer.

5. Have a Fair Budget

Is tattoo expensive? Factors like style, design, size, and placement influence the price of a tattoo. Yes, an impressive tattoo could be expensive. Typically, the hourly rate is used at a range of $50 – $100. It could be more; keep your mind open.

If you want the best – that’s worth the time and professionalism of your tattoo artist, you should prepare a good budget.

Here are quick tips:

  • Get recommendations from your families and friends who have tattoo. You are likely to get a favorable from the artist they patronize.
  • Opt for a flat rate if the option exists.
  • Save towards it.
  • Pick a minimal style and design; since it’s your first tattoo. You can always get a bigger one later.

6. Select a Professional Tattoo Artist

Your first tattoo experience should be worth it; irrespective of your budget. So, go for the best tattoo artist in your area.

Don’t just work into any tattoo studio that you can find. Spend your time to look around; no one will charge you for that. Okay, we know that could be stressful, but it’s going to be worth it

Mind you, by professionalism, it’s not enough to be certified.

  • Check their portfolio.
  • Check their reviews on Google and other sites.
  • Assess their safety practices. Being tattooed with an unsterilized tattoo needle/machine is risky and so is an unclean tattoo studio.
  • Compare the list of tattoo artists.

Remember all we’ve said about seeking recommendations from families and friends who have tattoos already. They will refer you to their tattooist if they have a great experience. Plus, you should use research and reviews.

7. Pick your Tattoo Design and Style

Don’t wait till the day you want to have your tattoo before you pick your design and style. You must have taken your time to plan this. Once you have selected your tattoo artist.

  • Look at their portfolio.
  • Checkup designs online via Pinterest, Instagram, Google images and tattoo websites.
  • If you have a tattoo idea, share it with the artist or use the help of a drawer.

Don’t let your tattoo artist whatever design they like; know what you want.

It’d be great if you can get a picture of the design you want. More importantly, be clear on colors. This will guide your artist into giving you exactly what you want. However, remember that no two tattoos can be perfectly the same.

8. Decide on the Placement

Do you want to flaunt your tattoo or you want something you can hide? Think about that and decide on the placement.

For personal or professional reasons, you might not want your tattoo to be seen anyhow. So, your hips, lower back, and upper thighs are a great bet. Another factor you should consider is the size of your tattoo. For example, a tattoo with lots of details needs a space around your thigh or back.

One more thing: think of your level of tolerance. Meatier parts of your body which are usually less painful – thigh and biceps – are recommended for your first tattoo.

You should also consider aftercare needs when choosing a placement. You need to have your tattoo at a spot where your hands can reach easily for cleaning. You should only go ahead and pick any when it’s certain you will have help around you when you need to clean your tattoo area.

9. Plan for the Day

Finally, you have followed the first tattoo tips for beginners. You have selected a worthy tattoo artist, picked your design, agreed on a fee and decided on the day.

Your tattoo experience is going to be worth it. As you anticipate the day, you should plan for it.

  • Be sure you want to do it.
  • Sleep well before your appointment.
  • Avoid pain relievers in 24hours to the day.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Stay away from alcohol.
  • Eat a good meal – a full breakfast is a must.
  • Wear comfortable clothing to the studio.
  • Only use skin numbing cream; ask your tattoo artist for a recommendation.
  • Breathe well to calm your nerves.
  • Ask a friend that you can chat with to come with you.
  • Go with your favorite distraction – music, movie, etc.
  • Get your aftercare products ahead. Don’t wait till you have been tattooed before you get the products you need.
  • Cancel your appointment if you feel sick or mentally stressed.

Bottom line

Getting your first tattoo requires a lot of work. The first step is being sure that you want to have a tattoo. Then, you must be mentally prepared.

It is definitely going to be a wonder experience. Follow the first tattoo tips for beginners adequately. Don’t do this alone. Walking straight into any tattoo studio after you have made up your mind won’t help. Get recommendations from families and friends. Use online resources and reviews in your decision-making. Get the best price and save towards it. Don’t neglect your medical history out of excitement. Know what you want; talk with your tattoo artist. Ask as many questions as possible. And plan ahead for your appointment.

More importantly, be mentally prepared.