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How Does Weight Loss Affect Tattoos?

Weight loss and skin changes make you think if the tattoos will suffer from these physical changes. This outcome depends on a few things, all explained.

At a certain point in life, the body will change its weight and the skin will change due to that too.

So, tattoos are on the skin, and you probably feel worrisome whether the weight loss will affect the tattoos in any way.

The weight loss can be moderate or extreme, and you need to know about both and how much weight loss types affect, if at all, the tattoo. Let’s find out below.

Does Weight Loss Affect Tattoos?

First, we need to determine whether it is gradual or rapid weight loss. Hand in hand with this goes whether the amount of weight to lose is huge or not. Of course, the body part and placement also play a huge role.

The gradual weight loss of a moderate amount of weight will not make a big difference in the tattoo, whereas gradual weight loss of too much weight could leave the skin looking different, and the tattoo placement could be changed slightly.

The rapid weight loss of moderate weight will also not change the tattoo drastically, but it will leave stretch marks that could affect the tattoo quality (if on the same spot). Rapid weight loss of too much weight will change the skin and tattoos.

The placement is also important; the skin of the stomach, hips, thighs and upper part of the arms tend to change drastically due to weight loss.

Can you use some cosmetics to prevent saggy tattooed skin?

prevent saggy tattooed skin

Of course! This is one of the surest ways to keep the skin soft, hydrated, and healthy at the same time. Remember, beautiful skin is healthy skin, so you have to try whatever good option you can to prevent skin damage early on.

For example, do not skimp on body lotions, twice per day is the minimum here. The skin is the largest organ of our body, and this means it needs extra-care that we sadly, often neglect.

When you lose weight, the skin will shrivel back, and you have to take into consideration the fact that this same skin (from all of your body) was previously extremely traumatized over time, i.e., stretched.

Now, you need to moisturize with lotions and creams all the time. Dry and neglected skin shows more visible signs of damage, aging, and weight loss effects.

How can I resolve stretch marks on the tattoo?

Unfortunately, there are no magical ways to remove stretch marks from the skin. But, the good news is that they can be lessened, and you can make the skin ‘plumper’ with good products and cosmetic services.

For example, there are many anti-scar and anti-stretch-mark cosmetics that truly fill up the lines of stretch marks, but you need to be very persistent with regular daily usage.

Also, if this doesn’t satisfy you yet, there are always special machines and lasers in dermatologists’ offices that could do a small change in the depth and severity of stretch mark lines, but this could be expensive.

Any natural or cheap ways to take care of the skin during weight loss?

Of course, there are! If you are on a budget, or you tend to like more natural and DIY home remedies, you can always try your best with many things at once, every single day.

So, you can mix up concoctions of coffee grounds, sugar, olive oil, and/or coconut oil too. The coffee grounds are proven to be amazing for nourishing the skin, and most importantly, working up the blood circulation under it!

take care of the skin during weight loss

This is why coffee is an important ingredient in slimming lotions too! The other ingredients, like the natural oils, will moisturize the skin giving it a nice glow.

The sugar will exfoliate the skin nicely, also working up the circulation and giving more blood flow to every skin cell. As long as you take care of the skin, the outcome cannot be too bad at all!

During pregnancy will the stomach tattoos change a lot?

Yes, but this is a truth very well known to everyone. Tattoos or not, navel piercing or not, the stomach skin stretches immensely during pregnancy, and anything on it will change drastically.

In this case, the pregnant woman should use a lot of skin lotion, and regularly too. There are even special lotions with many nutrients for the skin during pregnancy, and they work like wonders!

Can I re-do the tattoos on saggy and stretched skin after weight loss?

saggy and stretched skin after weight loss

Yes, retouching or repeating the same tattoo over the same body part is a nice idea and the most probable one too. However, keep in mind that deep stretch marks can still be ‘felt’ when you touch the tattoo, even if it’s re-done.

Otherwise, a correction, or full coverup and repeating always works for almost all tattoo issues.

Will exercise during my weight loss affect the tattoo?

exercise during my weight loss affect the tattoo

This depends largely on the type of exercise you prefer to do. If you engage in running, jogging, hiking, pilates, bodyweight exercises, or light weight lifting to just tone the body – all is ok, and the body will even start to take a nice shape!

But, if you want to start extreme bodybuilding and weightlifting, keep in mind that as the muscles ‘enlarge’ from working out with extreme heavyweights, so will your skin stretch all over again – this is something you do not want now.

Start easy, consult athletes or training experts on deciding about your body weight and potential of ‘muscle growth’. After that, take it slow, keep going easy, and the skin will not suffer.


As you have seen above, weight loss can affect the tattoo, but not at all costs, and not always for everyone. The distortion might not even happen at all if you are a lucky person with amazing genes! But, if you go through extreme weight loss, or you slim very fast, you can expect some skin changes like stretch marks or minor placement issues – but, this is not the end of the world.

This is repairable and even preventable, with good cosmetics, regular skincare, and as last resort, laser or cosmetic procedures.

If all fails, the touch-up or cover up all over is an amazing solution as well. Good luck!

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