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How Long to Wait to Wear Makeup After Nose Piercing

There is no need to fully give up all your favorite beauty processes when you have a nose piercing. But, there are some small and minor sacrifices that you would need to do – in the form of slightly changed habits daily.

There are several things a bit more fun than wearing and bragging with a facial piercing, and one such example could be wearing makeup. It is a legitimate concern for all those with a nose piercing to wonder whether they can wear makeup, how to do it safely, or if it’s an obstacle for the nose piercing in the first place.

Well, this whole dilemma is not completely invalid, and applying products near the pierced area should have some effect, but we will explore below what type of effect is that exactly, and also, how long you should wait for using these products on your face.

When can I wear makeup after getting my nose pierced?

First, we will classify the healing period for the nostril and septum piercing. The pierced nostrils heal in 2-4 months. A pierced septum heals in 3-4 months. Based on this information, it would be best to wait a minimum of 3 months, and a maximum of 4 months before you start wearing makeup around the pierced nose area.

How long it takes for the nose piercing to fully heal

How long it takes for the nose piercing to fully heal

As we mentioned above, a nose piercing, whether nostril or septum, should be fully healed in 4 months, but rarely earlier than that. The minimum time for waiting is 2 months, however, it is better to be safe than sorry and wait at least 3 months.

After a nose piercing has healed, it is easier to get back to your regular facial skincare routine, as well as applying makeup with relaxed moves, brushes, and all the steps of that routine as well.

How to apply makeup when you have a nose piercing

We understand that wearing makeup is a deeply rooted habit of most people, and truth be told, the majority of people would not give up wearing makeup for the pierced nose, and at minimum, they would want to wear minimal amounts of makeup.

And this is ok because makeup is not harmful unless it’s applied right next to or on the pierced spot. But, confusion arises if you want to apply makeup on one side of the nose if the other nostril is the pierced one? Or just the upper part of the nose, if it’s a septum piercing?

How to apply makeup when you have a nose piercing

No worries. If you have a pierced septum, just extremely gently tap a dot of foundation only, exclusively only on the upper part of the nose, such as the bridge, and midway down – do not go further than this!

And, if you have a pierced nostril, there is no need to put foundation only on one side, it will look uneven. Instead, beautify your eyes and cheeks with makeup products, and draw attention to other facial attributes.

It is important for the area on the piercing, and around it, to be makeup-free. When you finish this specific makeup look, do not use a makeup setting spray – these sprays contain chemicals similar to hairsprays, and you don’t need anything like this on freshly pierced skin!

makeup on nose piercing

Also, do not apply the makeup on the upper skin part above the upper lip – this could easily get in contact with the nostrils or the septum. Use a small, pointy makeup blender sponge for the tiny areas, or even better – your finger, for more tap-movement control.

Everything should be good if you follow these tips

What are some makeups to avoid when I have a nose piercing?

There are no good or bad makeup types, truth be told, they all contain some sort of chemical if you read their labels. Perhaps only the most exclusive and expensive ones contain the least strange ingredients, but they all have them. At least store-bought makeup – and let’s be honest, almost no one makes their makeup at home these days, so there’s that.

What you can do though, is only avoid applying it near the pierced nose area, and the makeup brand doesn’t matter that much.

How to cleanse your face from makeup if your nose is pierced

An even better question is how to wash off the makeup because this requires even more attention and delicate movements.

If you use a washing sponge or brush with thick bristles, use it only on the outer cheeks, forehead, and chin. The central part of the face must be washed with extremely gentle movements with your fingers. Do not touch with the sponges or brushes directly on the pierced nose!

But, for the nose piercing itself, use the cleanser for piercings (perhaps it is an antibacterial soap or wash product that the piercer recommended). This is now also a part of your facial skincare cleansing routine until the nose piercing heals.

Once done, gently tap-dry on and around the piercing with a clean paper towel, or regular towel/cloth, then tap the other parts of the face. Apply the skincare products that you normally use, but not near the pierced area!

On the nose piercing, just use the healing ointments or creams – that is all. To take good care of the pierced spot, you can try pleasant aftercare cleanse in a practical spray formula, not messy, and gives a cooling effect from the spraying itself, plus it is sterile piercing care with purified saltwater – basic, clean, and reduces any chance of inflammations down the road.

Another thing you can try is a healing solution with more natural ingredients, such as vitamin E, or tea tree oil that soothes irritated pierced skin and also disinfects with the added purified saltwater.  

If you take the nose piercing out can you hide the hole with makeup?

hide nose piercing hole with makeup

Here you must first know how soon a nose piercing closes before you decide to take it out, or even worse, hide it with makeup!

For the freshly pierced nose area, sadly the closing of the hole could occur in just a few hours. But, if you had the piercing for several months, up to a year, the closing could occur in a matter of days. It still isn’t much as you see…

If you decide to take out the piercing at any point, at least replace it immediately with another, same-size piercing. Do not risk closing off of the hole, it is not worth it. If you must hide this at any cost, try transparent piercings at least. Leaving the hole empty is never a good idea.

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And, applying makeup for hiding the hole is a no-no! Imagine what makeup products, with their chemicals inside, would do to a freshly pierced hole. It is a risk for inflammation and in a matter of minutes or hours. If makeup was soo good for this purpose, then why do all experts recommend only cleansing solutions and healing ointments? They have a point, right?

If you do use makeup on a hole without the jewelry, it could also clog and gather debris, and you would have to cleanse it well at home, remove any piled up crusty makeup from the hole, and re-insert the piercing through the nostril/septum – and it wouldn’t be the most pleasant feeling there is.

Can I still visit the beauty salon for the scheduled facial treatments?

Don’t. At least postpone them for next month(s), if it can wait.

Facial treatments include steaming of the face and this heats the skin to open up the pores. You don’t need humid heat just a few inches to your nose – if anything, you might cool it off with an ice pack, but nothing more!

And you don’t need a cosmetician touching and pinching near the nose area. Even if that cosmetician is careful not to touch near the nose, we know that they could bump it by accident when they are near your cheeks at least.

These things can and must wait until the piercing has healed.

What are possible contaminants for nose piercings?

While the healing takes place, avoid visiting saunas, beauty salons, pools, hot tubs in spa salons, all of those services.

At home, change the pillowcase every few days – this is beneficial not just for the pierced nose (or facial piercings), but for your skin health overall.

And, if you have to wipe off a runny nose, do it carefully, not roughly, and always with a clean napkin!

When you wash your face, use the skincare products on other face parts, and the same goes for makeup usage too.

In case you want to replace the piercing with another one, make sure you dip the new jewelry in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes, wipe it off with a clean cloth/napkin, and then insert it.


It is not at all difficult to take proper and good care for a nose piercing, regardless if it’s the nostril or the septum.

You can go about your daily routines of makeup and skincare as you usually do, except do not even count on using them on the nose area, at least not on that exact, pierced spot.

When it comes to the skincare routine, for now, you will have a product more to incorporate, and when it comes to the makeup routine, you will have one facial area less to take into consideration.

Follow our simple tips, and your nose piercing will heal gorgeously, without you sacrificing wearing makeup.

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