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How Long Can You Go Without Wearing Earrings Before it Closing Up

The ear piercings could close quite fast if you don’t put earrings back on within a certain time. We explained below how long you can wait without wearing the earrings.

Earrings are a great way to decorate your body, and they are still a classic body ‘ornament’ dating from a long time ago – similar to other piercings! It is very fun to get your ears pierced because the ears offer versatility in many tiny spots where jewelry can go through, and in such a small area too.

And the even more fun part is to change the jewelry, because versatility in choosing this is perhaps the coolest activity after a piercing, or earring, has healed.

So if you wonder how long can you go without wearing earrings, before the holes close, keep on reading.

How Long Does It Take For An Ear Piercing To Close Up?

How Long Can You Go Without Wearing Earrings Before it Closing Up

In general, the ear piercings (ear lobes) heal in 2 months, and after this period, you can postpone the jewelry wearing up to several days respectively. If you have to pierce on other parts of the ear, the healing period is 6 months, and after those months, you can freely leave the holes without jewelry for a few days, not more.

For freshly pierced ears, the maximum time without the jewelry is 24 hours, otherwise, the holes will close almost immediately. The most crucial period after getting your ears pierced is right after the piercing session, i.e., during the immediate healing period.

Will inserting and removing earrings be harmful in some way?

Will inserting and removing earrings be harmful in some way

This depends on how long have you left the ears without any jewelry, but it is not a strict black and white rule.

When a piercing/earring is freshly pierced, and you did not wear the earring, after some time when you decide to insert it back again, you could feel some high level of sensitivity, but not necessarily pain. The sensitivity will be more like a warm feeling, and like your skin has been flushed and almost hot, kind of tingling, but not quite burning – do not worry, it is not unpleasant or painful.

As far as removing the earring goes, it does not hurt one bit. The only sensation would be a slightly warm feeling on the skin, nothing more.

But, this applied to the earlobes and of course, the earrings. If it’s ear piercings you have, then the sensation could be slightly painful, but very bearable as well.

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I cannot wear earrings at work but I recently got pierced, what is the best solution?

It is not uncommon for people to remove the earrings due to many personal, or professional reasons. Some people hide the pierced ears in their leisure time, and some are not allowed to wear any sort of ear or another type of jewelry at work. This doesn’t have to be a problem anymore, and you won’t have to risk the earring holes closing.

One very practical solution is jewelry that cannot be seen! By this, we mean earrings and piercings that are completely see-through and transparent, and to notice them you would have to get close to the person! Try something like these transparent earrings to feel comfy while you still have what you need. Their thickness and size are perfect to hold the hole filled out before you get the chance to put regular earrings back on. And you won’t even feel them at all, because the material is light plastic.

Invisible Plastic Earrings

Approx. size: 11 mm pin length, 1 mm pin thickness, cup wide – 3-4 mm in diameter

How to prepare the ear after not wearing earrings for some time?

There is not much to this. All you need to remember at all times is to keep the pierced skin around the earrings clean and semi-dry. For example, avoid shampoos and products near the earlobe, or if they contact the skin, rinse right away to avoid irritations that would prolong the healing period.

Also, it is a good idea to use hydrogen peroxide for a daily rinse of any possible debris or crust residue and dirt. After this cleanse, apply a tiny bit of healing ointment for piercings (earrings in this case), and also, try to wear your hair up (if you have long hair). You don’t want it to stick to the ointment area for example.

What if the earring hole is a bit crusty and the earring won’t go in?

This is not a scary thing, and you must not panic. As we mentioned above, cleansing the earring area is crucial for proper healing, but also good hygiene and esthetics of the earring spot overall.

Within the first period of immediate healing, if you have to remove the earrings, at least cleanse this area 2-3 times per day with hydrogen, a bit of iodine (but not obligatory), and healing ointment.

This will also soften up any crusty residue from lymph fluids and debris that is normal to gather around the earring hole. Once it is cleansed and the skin breathes, you can easily insert the earring without a problem – but do it gently to not irritate the skin just in case.

Do I have to clean the earrings before I insert them?

It is crucial to do this! Dirty earrings (or ear piercings) can infect the (freshly) pierced ear and cause a major health problem with swelling, festering, and pain! Always make sure to put clean earrings, at all costs – especially for freshly pierced ears that are prone to sensitivity or complications while it heals.

Just dip the earrings in rubbing alcohol for 1-2 minutes or so, or simply wipe them off with the rubbing alcohol and clean paper towel or clean cloth. That is all.


Not wearing earrings is not always a complicated thing, and if you remember to put them back on in time, it should all be ok.

For this, remember that after the piercing, the first 24 hours are crucial, and if you don’t put the earring back on after a full day, the hole could start closing.

Avoid not wearing jewelry in the first 2 months definitely, and in some cases for other parts of the ear that are pierced, within the first 6 months do not wait more than 1-2 days to insert the jewelry back in. if you are forgetful, you can always use transparent earrings – and the problem is solved!