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How to Remove a Temporary Tattoo?

It is unbelievably easy to remove temporary tattoos, and the best is that you can do this at home without any obstacles.

There are many perks to having tattoos – the obvious ones are that they satisfy your need for decorating the body, they mean something to you perhaps, and also the obvious one, they look quite attractive and unique no matter the design.

And what is even better is when you can choose a temporary tattoo when you’re not ready for the permanent needle process, and you can change your mind regarding the design. If there is one thing to know about temporary tattoos, is their removal, because even with them, you could feel unsure while you already have them.

Keep on reading if you need tips on the fast removal of temporary tattoos.

How to remove a temporary tattoo?

The temporary tattoos are removed easily, and the whole process resembles a very dedicated skincare routine. Among the most certain ways for temporary tattoo removal are the deep cleanse showers with scrubs, sponges, and loofahs, makeup cleansers and wipes, and most skin-friendly oils (baby oil, coconut, argan, olive oil, and similar) as the most popular.

Also, rubbing alcohol can remove the temporary tattoos, however at the cost of drier skin than with the methods above.

How long does a temporary tattoo last

How long does a temporary tattoo last

At a minimum, a temporary tattoo can stay a few days on the skin – if you do not rub it roughly at all, and if you avoid long showers with many products. The maximum a temporary tattoo can stay on the skin is several weeks, but this happens rarely, and if it did, the person dedicated themselves to changing the lifestyle daily habits.

Sticker tattoos last surely a few days, but after the initial 2-3 days, they start to erase from the edges, or altogether. These sticker tattoos are extremely easy to wipe off or remove fast and efficiently with the methods we propose.

Then, we have printable temporary tattoos, which with proper care, can last up to 2-3 weeks. The more you shower with a lot of gels and soaps, and the more you wipe the skin with cleansers or wipes in the meantime – the faster this type of temporary tattoo will also erase.

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What are some other things besides cosmetics that speed up temporary tattoo removal?

If you know what keeps temporary tattoos longer on the skin – just do the opposite!

So, if you want to easily and fast remove the temporary tattoo, feel free to shower as much as you want, with every possible soap or gel you want, and feel free to use sponges, loofahs, and similar, along with scrubs and other cosmetics of this kind. In this context, pools, jacuzzis, hot tubs, spa salons – everything works in this case!

Feel free to hit the gym as well – sweating and warming up of the skin will kind of ‘detach’ the sticker or printable temporary design you have.

Moisturize your skin a lot! Every type of skin-friendly oil, body lotion, the cream will act on the removal itself.

The perk of all these removal methods is gorgeous skin, and a more fit body as well!

What about the shower routine to easily remove the temporary tattoo?

The shower skincare routine is the same as the temporary tattoo removal routine, or vice versa depends on how you look at it.

First, remember to now just run the water a bit over the skin. You need to think of this process as a pampering, nurturing thing. This means to use up a lot of the shower gel that you love – the goal is erasing the tattoo, and the more you wash it, with more product, the better the chances of fading it. You can use regular soap, or shower gel, or similar washing products.

Next, you also want to try the scrubbing technique, and products as well. Why not treat the skin to some nicely scented scrub? It will leave the skin extremely smooth, supple, smelling gorgeous, and the scrubbing granules will erase the temporary tattoo almost fully! Along with this, there are the harsh pumice-stone imitation sponges or loofahs to try as well – just be gentle with them, since they are kind of rough on one side.

If you are not a fan of the rough materials over the skin, you can try some sort of gentle cloth or fabric to wipe the skin with, and it doesn’t have to be rough! For example, you can try makeup remover cloths like these – they are so soft and plushy, your skin will be thankful for a long time! These microfiber cloths are gentle with the skin, but ‘rough’ with impurities or in this case, temporary tattoos. You can reuse them and throw them in the laundry anytime, and they can be used for makeup removal as well.

Can I use makeup cleansers or makeup wipes as a similar alternative?

Perhaps you are not a fan of soaking or vigorous scrubbing of the skin, and you want something similar, but gentler, and practical when you’re on the go maybe?

In this case, you can try makeup-removing wipes. They are just like any other wipes, packed in a small plastic soft case, small and perfect for your bag, backpack, even pockets! For example, these towelettes are otherwise known as face wipes for makeup removing work like a charm for fast fading of the temporary tattoo. If they work on waterproof makeup, they will surely work on something that is supposed to also come off fast! They are disposable, practical, gentle on the skin, and do not have any alcohol or irritating ingredients.

Will temporary tattoos fade from water on them?

Will temporary tattoos fade from water on them

To some extent yes, it is possible to speed up the erasing of temporary tattoos with a lot of water contact! The removal would be even faster with gels or soaps as well as sponges or wipes, but even water exposure and soaking that skin area in water will make the skin ‘pruney’ a lot more, and with that, all cells on the surface of the skin will tend to remove themselves discreetly.

One semi-rough wiping movement over moist skin like this and the temporary tattoo will partially ‘roll off’ so to speak!

After these removal methods, how to soothe any possible skin irritation?

If you are pretty much rough in your movements or touching your skin while removing the temporary tattoo, expect some skin redness or minor irritation as a consequence. This is nothing scary and is very normal.

Whenever you pinch the skin, or just rub it for no reason, it gets red and slightly warm and tender, right? Nothing dangerous as you know of course.

But, if your skin is naturally very gentle, sensitive, and fragile as well, the redness and tenderness will be more prominent. You can soothe this in several ways; cold compress with a clean towel over that area, mild soap or cleanser without too much scent and with more natural soothing ingredients, soothing baby creams for nurturing the skin – all of this done with gentlest movements possible!

And, it doesn’t hurt for this skin area to be lightly covered or ‘hidden’ with a breathable, loose, and light natural and good-quality fabric. Sometimes even air itself makes our irritated skin more tender, maybe you have noticed. So, comfort and coziness above all.


The temporary tattoos can be removed extremely easily, and there is nothing special or expensive about it! No special treatment of that skin area, no demanding conditions of any sort, nothing spectacular – just a nice and cozy shower with warm water, shower gel, some wiping cloths, or makeup remover wipes, a lot of body lotions and scrubs, and that is it.

Whether a sticker or printable temporary tattoo – with our proposed methods, you won’t even know you are removing something. Think of it as you being very dedicated to your regular skincare routine. Good luck!

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