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How Much Does a Black Light Ink Tattoo Cost? – UV Tattoo Cost

Everyone interested in tattoos has surely heard of the blacklight ink. This is the unique ink that glows, but not at all times mind you. If this ink is so specific, or so one of a kind, do you think it costs a lot or no?

We got the answer.

How Much Does a UV tattoo Cost?

Blacklight or UV ink tattoos cost more than regular tattoos. As a rule, tattoo salons determine the pricing based on hours spent on your tattoo. In general, the hourly price is on average $100, but in this case, the blacklight ink is charged additional $50 to $100 to the original tattoo price.

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What makes black light tattoo ink special?

This is the fun part where we discuss what is this whole thing exactly. Even the greatest tattoo fans would get confused if they want to explain this simply. So, here goes. Blacklight tattoos are made with special ink that reacts to UV light. In plain daylight, these tattoos look subtle and not too bold or strong with contrast though. So, it is important to keep this in mind, because if you get this ink, you will definitely not glow each time the sun sets and night settles down!

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Is it easy to work with black light tattoo ink?

Well, for you as a tattoo customer this is not too much of a trouble, but for the artist it would be. It is nothing too serious, but this type of ink differs from the white ink. The white one is very thick (contrast-creating), and this blacklight ink is quite thin (and sadly, it could fade very fast after a while).

Does blacklight ink fade?

This depends on several factors. You have to always consider the body part where you get the tattoo. Some skin areas are thinner and will fade out the ink extremely fast, like for example the hands and fingers. I had a ribbon with black contours and blacklight ink on my middle finger, but after a few years, the blacklight did not glow under UV lights anymore (of course, I just redid the whole thing with black ink all over, but you can repeat the blacklight as well).

If you want to keep any tattoo freshly-colored for longer, not just blacklight ones, avoid too much tanning, use sunscreen, and choose another body part instead of hands!

Can I tan with a black light ink tattoo?

Of course. This type of ink is almost the same as the others. To keep the ink looking fresh, with vibrant colors, or desired effects (like this glowing one), you have to take care of the skin foremost. If you keep the skin healthy, your ink underneath it will remain amazingly attractive for a long time.

Keep in mind to use sunscreen, do not scrub too harsh on the thin skin (hands for example), and if needed, do a touchup if you notice severe fading. It is a bit tedious to take care of this as often as you can, but it will be worth it when you’ll glow and turn heads.