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How Much Does a White Ink Tattoo Cost? – White Tattoo Guide

White ink tattoos can be tricky to do, but one thing is certain, they do look interesting. The prices may vary from one artist to another, and between designs as well, but this has little to do with the color.

White tattoos are cool, and also unusually discrete. We can note that white ink is not so visible, at least not from a distance, and this makes them perfect for those who are shy to try out something bolder.

This also makes white tattoos subtle in case you need a subtle permanent body decor. Are they any different than ordinary color or grey tattoos? Would they be more pricey than regular tattoos?

What is the Cost of a White Ink Tattoo?

White ink tattoos cost just like any other tattoo you choose. The tattoo artists determine the prices based on the hours needed to finish your design and the complexity of that design. This means the price is determined hourly, a white ink tattoo starts at around $100 per hour. It does not matter whether you choose white ink or color – it all comes down to the time spent in the salon.

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Do white ink tattoos fade?

Unfortunately, yes, white ink tends to fade a bit more than other ink. If you think about it briefly, it makes sense. Black ink would keep a high contrast for a long time to come, whereas the white one is barely visible unless you get close to zoom in and see it.

Does skin tone play a role in the quality of the white ink tattoo?

Of course, yes! White ink on extremely white or pale skin would be almost invisible. The darker the skin, the more contrast there will be.

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Will white ink tattoos get a strange texture?

This is a possibility, almost every time, especially if you get the white ink very close to another color-tattoo. White ink is easily blended with any other color, so it’s never ok to risk this. Unless the tattoo artist is very precise and meticulous to not let white ink mix up with the other tattoos, you should think of another skin area for this (some that are not close to other tattoos).

Is white ink easy to work with? Does it heal easily?

It shouldn’t be hard to work with white ink, after all, it is just ink as any other color. A pigmented liquid that gets inserted into your skin. But, it is not as easy as this. Most artists dislike the white ink because it gives off a blurry finish – no clear contours, no contrast almost, and not precise lines.

The white color ink is thicker (in comparison to others) and it makes sense why; the white is used to emphasize other colors and enhance the visual effect. Because it fades more, it has to be thicker to stay as much as possible.

Overall, the main verdict is that white ink is amazing, but it might be a tad hard to work with. Still, it is not a big deal once you find a good tattoo artist, and a word of advice, it won’t hurt to add a darker shadow here and there, to make the white even more visible!